Articles By Lisa Eadicicco

From Luxury Aug 01, 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL Release Skyrockets In Japan: Was ‘New Super Mario Bros 2’ The Reason?

Nintendo’s 3DS XL has had a tremendous release date in Asia. The company sold approximately 200,000 units of its new handheld across Japan, official retail estimates have indicated.

From Luxury Aug 01, 2012

Samsung To Release Retina Display Tablet: Will It Rival Apple’s iPad? Thinner Bezel, Ice Cream Sandwich, And Other Features To Expect

It looks like Apple isn’t the only company rolling out Retina display. Court documents made public in the Apple vs. Samsung trial reveal that the Korea-based company is working on a tablet of its very own that incorporates this display technology.

From Luxury Jul 31, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date Coincides With Windows 8 Launch: New Mobile Devices To Come In October

Microsoft's Surface tablet has an official release date of Oct. 26, the same day the company's Windows 8 operating system will roll out.

From Tech & Trend Jul 31, 2012

‘Skyrim’ Patch 1.7 Release Date Is Here: Full List Of Notes, Dawnguard DLC Info For PS3 To Come ‘Later This Week’

Players of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” will now be able to update to the 1.7 patch via Steam, Bethesda has just announced on Monday. Console versions of this update are being submitted to manufacturers this week, according to the official Bethesda Blog.

From Luxury Jul 31, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Release Revealed: Samsung Outs ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Marco’ Devices, Features Fans Can Expect [SPECS]

Windows Phone 8 is expected for a release date close to the Windows 8 rollout, and Samsung has just unveiled at least two potential devices it will be manufacturing. One will be called “Odyssey” and the other will be called “Marco.

From Luxury Jul 31, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Reportedly Unveiled: Phone Cases Already On Sale, Why Android Should Be Worried

The release date for Apple’s iPhone 5 is reportedly set for Sept. 21, and is said to be accompanied by a new iPad Mini. This may be more than a month away, but some vendors are already selling cases for the upcoming iPhone 5.

From Luxury Jul 28, 2012

Gabe Newell Hates Windows 8? Blizzard Supports Valve Chief’s Statement That Microsoft’s Next OS Is ‘A Catastrophe’

Ever since the head of Valve slammed Windows 8 in a recent interview, content creators have questioned Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. But Valve isn’t the only video game industry force to feel opinionated on the matter. An executive at Blizzard Entertainment recently endorsed statements made by Gabe Newell that describe Windows 8 as “a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.

From Tech & Trend Jul 28, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Features Leak Before Release Date: 2 New Abilities That Microsoft Hasn’t Detailed Yet [VIDEO]

The release date for Windows Phone 8, said to be code-named “Apollo,” is likely to come in the fall, but some of the smartphone’s features have already surfaced online. On Wednesday, the software kit for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 leaked via Chinese website WPXAP, and revealed new camera improvements and 3D maps.

From Companies Jul 27, 2012

Google Fiber Rollout In Kansas City: How To Pre-Register And 5 Things To Know About ‘The Next Chapter Of The Internet’ [VIDEO]

During a keynote ceremony today Google officially announced its latest venture: Google Fiber. This move puts the search-engine giant among the likes of companies such as Verizon and Comcast as it rolls out its first service provider service.

From Tech & Trend Jul 27, 2012

Wii U Release Expected To Reach 4M Sales In Early 2013: Why Analysts Think Nintendo's Console Will Fail [SPECS]

Nintendo is expected to push out between four and five million Wii U units during the gaming console’s launch period, has reported.