Articles By Lianna Brinded

From Companies Nov 25

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison and Colin Baker Mock Michael Grade for His ‘Big Mistake’ In Trying to Axe Doctor Who

The Doctors tells a panel audience about how the BBC show transformed TV scheduling and budgets

From Companies Nov 25

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman Reveal Weirdest Autograph Signings

The 11th Doctor and his companion Clara tell all at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration event in London

From Companies Nov 25

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Steven Moffat Laments 'Best Actor and Friend' Matt Smith

Moffat laments the departure of Matt Smith in a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration panel

From Companies Nov 24

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration: SFX Spoilers, Cybermen and Daleks

IBTimes UK's intrepid reporter braves Cybermen, Silurians and Daleks to report from London's special Doctor Who 50th Celebration.

From Economy Nov 23

Tunisia’s Government Pledges to Tackle Terrorism and Jumpstart the Economy [VIDEO]

Tunisia is battling domestic terrorist attacks as well as a faltering economy

From Economy Nov 22

Rana Plaza Disaster: Bangladesh Factory Inspections Start Following Retailer Pact and Pay Rises

30 teams will initially begin by assessing 200 clothing factories over the next eight weeks

From Economy Nov 22

Serco Loses UK Prisons Contract Amid SFO Fraud Investigation

Serco’s CEO Chris Hyman and UK and Europe chief executive Jeremy Stafford have stepped down

From Economy Nov 22

Ofgem Rejects Five Big Six Energy Firms' Plans and Slaps on Price Controls

Energy watchdog aims to cut distribution costs which will lower household bills

From Economy Nov 22

Libor Fixing Scandal: UBS Scores Protection Over Future Fines With Another Immunity Deal

UBS scored immunity deals with regulators in the US, Switzerland and Canada last year.

From Economy Nov 22

‘Crystal Methodist’ Former Co-op Chairman Paul Flowers Arrested in Drugs Investigation

Flowers was found to be embroiled in a crack cocaine, crystal meth and ketamine-fuelled sex orgies.