Articles By Lianna Brinded

From Economy Dec 14, 2013

RBS Tipped to Respond to £4bn Shareholder Action Group Lawsuit

12,000-strong RBOS Shareholder Action Group filed proceedings in London's High Court in April.

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

All Your Pensions Are Likely to Be Linked to Weapons, Porn and the Massacre of Syrian Civilians

Unless you specifically invest in an ethical fund, it’s likely you make money from the sin trades

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Probe: BaFin Demands Deutsche Bank Documents

German banking regulator BaFin is looking into suspected manipulation of benchmark gold and silver prices

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

RBS, Goldman Sachs Among 139 Investors in $24bn Cluster Bomb Producers

An IKV Pax Christi report reveals that 139 financial institutions invest in the weapon producers

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

Bank of America's Pays $131m Settlement for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Probe

SEC said ML misled investors about mortgage securities it structured and sold

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

Ex-Lehman Banker Lawrence McCarthy Who Predicted ‘Swaps Traders Would Bring Down the World’ Dies

Financial world mourns McCarthy who was 49 and died on 12 December at Roosevelt Hospital, New York

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

RBS Irish Online Banking Customers Hit by IT Glitch

Ulster Bank say customers struggling with money transfers and online banking.

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

UK Businesses Will Have to Prove Cyber Crime Resilience to Win Government Contracts

The British government will announce the launch of the scheme on 12 December.

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Sued for $75m for Splitting Tolkien’s Book Into Three Films

Bob and Harvey Weinstein are suing Time Warner for refusing to pay for the second and third films

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

Nasa Claims Google Used $5m of 'Unwarranted' Jet Fuel Discounts

Nasa inspector general says Google executives used discounted fuel for six years on their private planes.