Articles By Lawrence Villamar

From Politics & Policy May 08, 2013

Most Aussies Think It's Time for Marriage Equality

Is it time for marriage equality? Majority of Australians seems to think so, according to an Essential poll.

From Health Mar 12, 2013

Tea Tree Oil Not Causing Anti-Biotic Resistance in Humans: study

Tea tree oil does not cause anti-biotic resistance in humans, according to an “international” study led by researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Jan 25, 2013

15000 Crocodiles Escape from South African Farm due to Flooding

More or less than 15, 000 crocodiles escaped from a farm in South Africa, causing great alarm in the surrounding neighborhoods.

From Entertainment Jan 17, 2013

'Scarpetta Series' Author Patricia Cornwell Missing Millions; Sues Wealth Management Firm for $100 Million

Mystery writer Patricia Cornwell is missing a lot of money. To get it back, she's suing her wealth management firm.

From Tech Dec 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3, Other Android-Powered Smartphones can now Flush Your Toilet

Are you too lazy to flush the toilet? Are you too hygienic to lift the seat yourselves? No problem. Now, there's even an Android app for that.

From Tech Dec 03, 2012

New 'Self-Healing' Flash Memory Devices May Now Live Forever

You may now use your flash memory forever, or at least, longer. Engineers from Taiwan has found a solution that enables flash memory to heal itself.

From Forex Dec 03, 2012

Daily Forex Forecast 12/03/2012

It was a familiar story for the Australian dollar last week which traded within a tight range of less one full US Cent against the greenback.

From Tech Sep 26, 2012

Few Aussies Using iPhone, Other Smartphones for Social Networking

Only few Australians are logging in social media using their mobile phone, despite mainstream popularity of online platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

From Tech Sep 26, 2012

Facebook, Other Social Networks Getting More Popular in Australia

Social media is fast becoming a huge presence in the lives of more Aussies, with Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) leading the pack of networks in Australia.

From Entertainment Sep 25, 2012

'Walking Dead' Dispute Between Kirkman and Moore Resolved

Hit television series "Walking Dead" is on the clear, at least for now.