Articles By Kukil Bora

From Tech Aug 24, 2012

Apple iPhone 5, iPad Mini Release Date Rumors: Will They Share The Same Stage?

John Gruber of Daring Fireball challenged Rene Ritchie's report of iPhone 5 and iPad mini sharing the same stage at the next month's event. He said that the upcoming iteration of the iPhone is not likely to share the spotlight with another new product from the Cupertino tech giant. He opined that there could be two separate events.

From Sports Aug 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong To Be Banned For Lifetime, Stripped Of 7 Tour de France Titles

Lance Armstrong beat the odds many times. The seven-time Tour de France winner emerged victorious not only in a number of difficult bicycle races, but he also survived stage three testicular cancer. But when the 40-year-old confronted his most recent challenge, he decided not to continue any further.

From Companies Aug 23, 2012

Sony Mobile To Cut 1,000 Jobs, Move Headquarters To Tokyo As Part Of Operational Restructuring

Sony Mobile announced Thursday that it would lay off about 15 percent (approximately 1,000 personnel) of its global workforce as part of its global operational restructure. The company also announced that it would move its corporate headquarters from Lund, Sweden, to Tokyo, Japan in October.

From Science Aug 23, 2012

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Makes First Movement On Red Planet, Begins Driving From Landing Site [PHOTO]

Being the first ever movement on the Martian surface, Curiosity's drive combined forward, turn and reverse segments, placing the rover approximately 20 feet (6 meters) from the spot where it landed Aug. 5.

From Tech Aug 23, 2012

Apple iPhone 5: LG Starts Mass Production Of New Displays As Release Date Nears [Report]

One of the very likely features that iPhone 5 is expected to have is a bigger and thinner display, compared to previous iPhone models. Adding further credence to this information, Reuters came up with a report Wednesday, saying that South Korean LCD panel maker LG Display has started producing new d...

From Tech Aug 22, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date For September 21 Apparently Confirmed By Verizon Vacation Blackout [Report]

According to a latest report, U.S. carrier Verizon is going to have an all-staff vacation blackout starting from September 21 to September 30. The report has claimed that the vacation blackout clearly indicates that the next iPhone will "almost certainly be available in stores" on the first day of the blackout.

From Science Aug 21, 2012

Millions Of Years Old Dinosaur Footprint Found At NASA's Goddard Campus In Greenbelt [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

About 112 million years ago, a plant-eating dinosaur, known as nodosaur, roamed what is now NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, leaving a huge footprint in the Cretaceous mud that came to notice only this summer.

From Science Aug 21, 2012

NASA Announces New InSight Mars Mission For 2016: Robot To Drill Red Planet To Study Deep Interior [VIDEO]

NASA has announced a new Mars mission that will measure the red planet's subterranean geology by looking deep into its interior. The new mission, named InSight, is set to launch on March 27, 2016 and will examine the deep interior of Mars to see why the Red Planet evolved so differently from Earth as one of our solar system's rocky planets.

From Tech Aug 21, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Features: How Next iPhone Dock Connector And Headphone Jack Fit In Rear Shell

Many reports came up with a number of leaked iPhone 5 parts from different sources. While majority of them looked quite convincing, there are people, who are still doubtful about the legitimacy of those parts, claimed to be of the new iPhone.

From Companies Aug 18, 2012

Verizon Wireless Enhances 4G LTE Network Coverage In Albany Area

Verizon Wireless recently activated new 4G LTE coverage on sites in Ballston Spa and Austerlitz, further expanding coverage on the high-speed wireless data network, which the company launched locally in August 2011.