Articles By Jijo Jacob

From Politics & Policy Oct 10, 2013

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden's Father in Moscow: 'I Am His Father. I Love My Son'

Lon Snowden says he hopes to see his son but has no idea about his whereabouts.

From Politics & Policy Oct 10, 2013

Rebels Kidnap Libyan PM Ali Zeidan at Gunpoint

Guard at Corinthian Hotel in Tripoli, where Zeidan was staying, says PM was escorted by armed rebels into a convoy of waiting cars.

From Politics & Policy Oct 10, 2013

US Slashes Military Aid to Egypt as Morsi Prepares to Undergo Trial

US postpones delivery of F16 fighter jets and will not supply M1A1 tank kits, Harpoon missiles and Apache helicopters.

From Politics & Policy Oct 09, 2013

Taiwan Fears China Could Launch an Invasion by 2020

Taiwan says China's military strength could soon allow it to surpass a possible US defence of the island nation in case of an attack.

From Politics & Policy Oct 09, 2013

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: UK Spy Chief Andrew Parker Says Revelations Are a "Gift to Terrorists"

The British spy chief vigorously defends eavesdropping techniques used by spy agencies, saying whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations are a "gift" to terrorists.

From Society Oct 05, 2013

US Gulf Coast Braces For Tropical Storm Karen as Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest

State of emergency declared in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

From Politics & Policy Oct 04, 2013

US Shutdown: Obama's Asian Strategy Suffers as China Makes Headway

Obama loses opportunity to engage major Southeast Asian capitals.

From Commodities Oct 03, 2013

Shale Gas Fracking: US Moves Ahead of Russia in Oil and Gas Output

The oil and natural gas output in the US in July was equivalent of about 22 million barrels per day, compared with Russia's forecast of 21.8 million barrels a day.

From Society Oct 03, 2013

Michael Jackson Death: AEG Not Guilty, Finds Jury [VIDEO]

Concert promoter absolved and doctor Conrad Murray found competent.

From Companies Oct 02, 2013

Microsoft Investors 'Move to Oust Bill Gates'

Three top investors in Microsoft call for chairman Bill Gates to step down.