Articles By Jijo Jacob

From Society Nov 01, 2013

Food Stamp Cuts Hit One in Seven Americans While Congress Prepares Harsher Blow

Charities bracing for rollback in aid and more cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

From Politics & Policy Nov 01, 2013

Israel 'Attacks Latakia Military Base Inside Syria to Destroy Russian Missiles'

Attack on a military base near coastal city of Latakia targets Russian-made missiles intended to be transferred to Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.

From Politics & Policy Oct 31, 2013

South Korean Politicians' Historic Visit to North's Kaesong Industrial Zone [VIDEO]

Industrial zone reopens after five-month shutdown following growing political tensions.

From Politics & Policy Oct 31, 2013

Edward Snowden Scandal: NSA Denies Breaking into Google and Yahoo Data [VIDEO]

Embattled surveillance agency denies raft of snooping accusations including claims it targeted Vatican.

From Society Oct 25, 2013

Gender Equality: UK Behind Lesotho and Cuba - WEF Report

Iceland tops the list of countries offering women the greatest opportunities in terms of political participation, economic rights and access to education and health, while the UK is ranked 18th.

From Politics & Policy Oct 25, 2013

Iran can Make Uranium for Nuclear Bomb in Just One Month - Report

Iran’s time-scale to produce weapons-grade uranium 'shortening'.

From Politics & Policy Oct 24, 2013

A Virus, Threat or Just Alien Tech? Why Turkey's Missile Defence Deal with China Angers US

China's ability to bag sophisticated defence deals and growing clout worry US.

From Politics & Policy Oct 24, 2013

Obama Tells Merkel: We're Not Hacking Your Phone [VIDEO]

Furious German chancellor seeks explanation for 'serious and unacceptable breach of trust'.

From Politics & Policy Oct 22, 2013

Pakistan Drone Attacks: Amnesty Says US Guilty of War Crimes [VIDEO]

Human Rights Watch says strikes in North Waziristan claimed innocent lives.

From Politics & Policy Oct 21, 2013

The Chinese Model: Arm the World at a Discount

China's booming arms sales underpinned by discount model and Beijing's willingness to sell weapons to risky recipients.