Articles By Jerin Mathew

From Economy Dec 13, 2013

EBA Warning on Risks of Bitcoin and Other Virtual Money

Regulatory agency of European Union warns consumers not protected by monetary authority.

From Companies Dec 12, 2013

Hilton Worldwide Raises Record $2.34bn In Stock Market Return

Hilton was taken private in 2007 by Blackstone in leveraged deal worth about $26.7bn.

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

China to Liberalise M&A Rules to Consolidate Industries With Overcapacity

Shanghai Securities News reports China will liberalise M&A regulations and promote usage of preferred shares and M&A funds.

From Companies Dec 12, 2013

JP Morgan Faces $2bn Penalty and Criminal Action Over Madoff Connection

Federal authorities nearing settlements over JPMorgan's involvement in Madoff case.

From Economy Dec 12, 2013

Toyota: Australian PM Abbott to Press Japanese Automaker to Stay on

Move follows GM subsidiary Holden’s decision to exit Australia in 2017.

From Economy Dec 11, 2013

GM to Stop Manufacturing in Australia Due to Soaring Costs

Appreciation of Australian dollar has prompted many car manufacturers to exit country.

From Society Dec 11, 2013

GM Appoints Mary Barra as First Female Boss of Car Industry

Barra has been in charge of design, engineering and quality for all GM vehicles.

From Politics & Policy Dec 11, 2013

US to Avert January Shutdown as Bipartisan Committee Reaches Deal on Budget [VIDEO]

US government due to run out of cash in January bypasses financial crunch with deal.

From Economy Dec 11, 2013

JP Morgan to Patent Bitcoin-Like Virtual Cash [VIDEO]

Bank's planned 'virtual cash' would allow users to make payments anonymously just like Bitcoin.

From Economy Dec 11, 2013

Mexico to End 75-Year State Monopoly in Oil Sector to Compensate Production Shortfall

Mexico would pass bill that would allow output sharing and licenses for outside oil producers.