Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Jul 31, 2012

As Romney Tours Israel, Sheldon Adelson Is The Money Behind The Visit

Romney's Israel trip doubled as a way to shore up support among fund-raisers who are dissatisfied with President Obama's record on Israel and are betting on a Romney administration.

From Politics & Policy Jul 28, 2012

Florida Republicans Tried To Suppress Black Vote, Former Party Chairman Charges

Florida Republicans conspired to dampen voter turnout among African-Americans, according to a former top party official currently battling criminal fraud charges.

From Politics & Policy Jul 28, 2012

US Senate Republicans Battle UN Arms Treaty

Senate Republicans are rallying in opposition to a United Nations treaty that would regulate the international arms trade, saying it would undercut Second Amendment rights.

From Politics & Policy Jul 27, 2012

Romney's Mormonism Not An Issue With Voters: Poll

Voters are largely unfazed by Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, according to a new poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

From Politics & Policy Jul 27, 2012

Even Abroad, Gaffe Trips Up Romney

Any hope that Mitt Romney's trip abroad would provide a respite from the candidate's chronic foot-in-mouth disease dissipated almost instantaneously, with the campaign once again in damage-control mode.

From Politics & Policy Jul 26, 2012

Romney's Foreign Policy Still A Riddle After Clash Of Surrogates

Top foreign policy advisers for the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns laid out contrasting visions during a Tuesday debate at the Brookings Institution, dueling on issues ranging from America's role in Syria to a new era in relations with Russia.

From Politics & Policy Jul 26, 2012

Another Republican Calls For Romney To Say Something Substantial: Scott Walker

The Wisconsin governor joined the growing chorus of Republicans urging Mitt Romney to take a more forceful stand, saying the presumptive Republican nominee's campaign has been overly cautious.

From Politics & Policy Jul 25, 2012

Most Gun Owners Back Gun Control: Poll

A clear majority of gun owners would support gun control like requiring background checks to purchase firearms, according to a poll conducted by prominent Republican strategist Frank Luntz.

From Politics & Policy Jul 25, 2012

White House Targets Another State In Offensive On Voter ID Laws: Pennsylvania

In its latest effort to scrutinize a wave of new voting laws, the Justice Department is asking Pennsylania for more information about a law requiring voters to present valid photo identification.

From Politics & Policy Jul 24, 2012

Obama Job Approval Rising, Still In The Negative

President Obama's job approval rating continues to inch upward, although a majority of Americans are still unhappy with his performance.