Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

Akin Remarks Illuminate Paul Ryan's Abortion Views

The Romney campaign has disavowed Rep. Todd Akin's controversial statement that women's bodies can terminate pregnancies caused by rape, but Mitt Romney's newly minted running mate has often aligned with Akin's positions on abortion.

From Politics & Policy Aug 21, 2012

Republicans Push Akin To Exit Missouri Senate Race: Out Today, Or Court Order Needed

Working swiftly to preserve its chances of claiming a new Senate seat, the Republican party is urging Rep. Todd Akin to surrender his Senate candidacy before a Tuesday deadline to drop out.

From Politics & Policy Aug 21, 2012

Scott Brown Says Todd Akin Should Resign Senate Nomination After Rape Comment

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is urging Missouri Senate nominee Todd Akin to resign after having said that women are less likely to become pregnant from "legitimate rape."

From Politics & Policy Aug 21, 2012

Romney Tax Returns Delayed By Extension: Adviser

The reason that Mitt Romney will release his 2011 tax return only two months from now is because he's waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to finish processing it, a top adviser said on Sunday.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

After Ex-Navy SEAL, More Special Forces Soldiers Attack Obama

A group of former Special Forces and intelligences operatives is set to unveil advertisements attacking President Obama -- the second campaign assault issued by former elite military operatives over the past month.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

Biden's Blunders: The Vice President's 5 Top Gaffes

President Joe Biden has a reputation for misspeaking, and his latest verbal blunder -- telling a group of voters that Mitt Romney's tax policy would put "y'all back in chains" -- has bolstered that image.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Stands, And Romney May Benefit

A Pennsylvania judge has declined to suspend a Pennsylvania voter identification law that the White House has scrutinized for potentially disenfranchising voters.

From Politics & Policy Aug 15, 2012

Undocumented Immigrants In US Eagerly Await Reprieve

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin accepting applications Wednesday for a new Obama administration initiative, first announced in June, that allows many undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children to temporarily avoid deportation and obtain legal work permits.

From Politics & Policy Aug 15, 2012

US Rep. Ryan's Vs. President Obama's Medicare Cuts: A Primer

The Obama campaign is warning that newly minted vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal will "end Medicare as we know it." Mitt Romney has vowed to shield Medicare from what he calls ruinous cutbacks imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

From Politics & Policy Aug 14, 2012

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Puts Elderly US Voters In Spotlight

By selecting U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to be his running mate, 2012 presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney has also elevated Ryan's plan to reform Medicare, putting in play elderly voters who are skeptical of attempts to reform the cherished senior citizen health care program.