Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Aug 26, 2012

Haiti Slammed By Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac battered southern Haiti on Saturday, drenching the storm-prone island's capital of Port-au-Prince and leaving at least three people dead.

From Politics & Policy Aug 26, 2012

Haqqani Leader Reportedly Killed In Pakistan Drone Strike

A CIA drone strike may have killed the leader of a powerful insurgent group responsible for some of the deadliest attacks on U.S. troops and Afghan government targets, multiple outlets are reporting.

From Politics & Policy Aug 26, 2012

Penn State Sued By Jerry Sandusky Victim

The first young man who came forward to accuse former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse in the ongoing Penn State University scandal is suing the university for negligence.

From Politics & Policy Aug 25, 2012

Immigration Agents Sue Over New US Deportation Policy

Immigration agents are suing the federal government over a new policy that spares young immigrants from deportation, saying it is illegal and undercuts their obligations.

From Politics & Policy Aug 24, 2012

US Press Treats Obama, Romney Equally Bad: Study

In a U.S. presidential campaign marked by an unprecedented level of negativity, journalists have not been immune -- and they've turned their acrimony equally on President Obama and Mitt Romney.

From Politics & Policy Aug 24, 2012

Contrary To Conventional Wisdom, Study Says It'll Be Romney, In A Landslide

Using a model that incorporates state-level economic data, political scientists predict that Mitt Romney will notch a resounding 300 electoral votes -- far more than the 270 needed -- while capturing 52.9 percent of the popular vote.

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Immigration Policy's New Sticking Point: Drivers' Licenses For The Undocumented

Immigrants who are granted a two-year reprieve known as deferred action still face questions about what benefits they can receive, among them drivers' licenses.

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Obama Changes Mind, Extends Pay Freeze For Federal Workers

President Obama said on Tuesday that a two-year freeze on federal salaries will continue until at least next spring,

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

Romney Is Latest To Push Akin To End Campaign As Ballot Deadline Passes

Mitt Romney added his voice to the chorus of Republicans calling on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin to end his campaign Tuesday afternoon just before the deadline for Akin to do so passed.

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

Todd Akin: What Happens Now?

All eyes are on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who is facing mounting calls to end his candidacy amidst the fallout from his controversial remarks on rape. Here are the possible scenarios.