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From Politics & Policy Sep 07, 2012

Bill Clinton's Convention Speech: Five Takeaways

The iconic Democrat and former president delivered a rousing, forceful speech in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday night, energizing the crowd as he extolled President Barack Obama's accomplishments and repudiated the Republican platform. Here are a few of the salient points.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

Democratic National Convention Schedule: Who's Speaking And When On Wednesday

The Democratic Party's quadrennial nominating party is underway, and the days preceding President Obama's climactic acceptance speech are crammed with party luminaries and promising up-and-comers.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

John Kerry, Secretary Of State?

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has said that she plans to relinquish her post soon, a potential second term for President Obama notwithstanding. That leaves an opening for Kerry, who will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

Record US Food Stamp Use May Give Republicans An Opening

Almost 50 million Americans, about one in six, used food stamps in June. Republicans who say President Barack Obama has led more Americans to rely on government help may find the bad news helps them.

From Politics & Policy Sep 05, 2012

DNC Puts Spotlight On How North Carolina Is A New Battleground

The fact that the Democrats are preparing to convene in North Carolina highlights how shifting demographics are changing America's electoral map.

From Politics & Policy Sep 04, 2012

As Good As Bob Dole: Romney Gets Minimal Convention Boost

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney saw his approval numbers barely budge after accepting his party's nomination on Thursday.

From Politics & Policy Sep 01, 2012

A Decade Too Late, Al Gore Calls For End To US Electoral College

In one of the less surprising developments of the week, it turns out Al Gore is not a big fan of the U.S. electoral college.

From Politics & Policy Aug 31, 2012

With Few Policy Ideas, Romney Falls Flat: Analysis

This was supposed to be Mitt Romney's moment. Instead, his speech sounded like one long repudiation of President Obama, with a few policy points thrown in.

From Politics & Policy Aug 31, 2012

'We Deserve Better' Than Obama's Failure, Romney Says

Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president on Thursday night with a speech proclaiming his vision to renew America.

From Politics & Policy Aug 31, 2012

Live Coverage Of The Republican National Convention

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