Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Today In Swing-State Voting Battles: Florida Purge Dulled, Pennsylvania ID To Supreme Court

In Florida, voters who were struck from the rolls as part of a controversial purge are set to be reinstated; in Pennsylvania, a battle over a new law requiring photo identification at the polls reaches the highest court.

From Politics & Policy Sep 12, 2012

IRS Ups Tax Fraud Fight With $104M Record Payment To Whistleblower

A banker who went to prison for helping clients avoid taxes, cheating the U.S. government of revenue, is now out free and very, very rich, thanks to his help fighting the tax evasion he previously assisted in.

From Politics & Policy Sep 12, 2012

Obama Stays On Sidelines Of Chicago Strike, But His Record Shows Breaks With Unions

President Barack Obama has carefully avoided getting involved in the Chicago teachers' strike, but his education reform agenda has supported some of the very things Chicago teachers are striking against.

From Politics & Policy Sep 12, 2012

State-By-State Breakdown Of Presidential Campaign Spending Reveals Surprises

Perennial battleground states Ohio and Florida top the list of where the Obama and Romney campaigns are spending, and that is not unexpected. Pennsylvania, though, is very far from the top -- and that is a big surprise.

From Politics & Policy Sep 11, 2012

'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal Has Not Hurt Military: Study

President Obama's repeal of the policy that barred gays and lesbians from openly serving in the U.S. military has not had any measurable negative repercussions, according to a comprehensive new survey.

From Politics & Policy Sep 11, 2012

Romney, Obamacare And Preexisting Conditions: The Key Difference

By embracing the free market as a great leveler, Romney backs a plan that looks similar to the system before the Affordable Care Act.

From Politics & Policy Sep 10, 2012

Under Obama, Deportations Near Record Number In 2011

Authorities deported a record number of immigrants in 2011, underscoring the delicate balance President Obama has attempted to strike on immigration.

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Another Weak Jobs Report Keeps US Election Close

With both nominating conventions over, Friday's lackluster August jobs report underscores the dynamic underpinning a week's worth of lofty speechifying: This is either man's race.

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Barack Obama's DNC Speech: What He Left Out

The speech was curiously lacking in specifics about Obama's record to date, sticking instead to a vague framework for a potential second term. Here are a few of the things the president left out.

From Politics & Policy Sep 07, 2012

The Most Controversial Part Of Arizona's Immigration Law Takes Effect: Police Stops

A federal judge is allowing the most criticized piece of Arizona's tough immigration law to proceed, ushering in a new era of immigration enforcement in the state.