Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Jul 11, 2012

Obama, Romney Tied In Latest Poll

The latest Washington Post/ABC News Poll finds that Obama and Romney are neck-and-neck, tied at 47 percent among registered voters. Neither man has been able to open a significant gap over his rival.

From Politics & Policy Jul 10, 2012

Rick Perry Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Health Exchanges

Texas Governor Rick Perry has rejected two prominent elements of President Obama's health care overhaul, joining an exodus of Republican-led states that are using a Supreme Court decision upholding the law to opt out of some key features.

From Politics & Policy Jul 10, 2012

Egyptian President Morsi Invited To White House As Obama Opens To Islamists

The White House has invited Egypt's recently elected president Mohammad Mursi to visit the U.S. in September, as the latest Obama administration effort to reach out to Egypt's newly empowered Islamists.

From Politics & Policy Jul 07, 2012

Huntsman To Skip Republican Convention, Citing 'Trust Deficit'

Former Republican presidential candidate and Utah governor Jon Huntsman said he will not attend the party's convention this summer, continuing his critique of Republican orthodoxy.

From Politics & Policy Jul 07, 2012

Why Is Mitt Romney Going To Israel?

The trip will provide the presumptive Republican nominee with his latest opportunity to depict himself as a stronger ally of Israel than President Barack Obama.

From Politics & Policy Jul 06, 2012

Romney Sets GOP One-Month Fundraising Record With $100 Million Haul In June

Mitt Romney continued to flex his fundraising muscle in June, combining with the Republican National Committee and the Romney Victory fund to rake in more than $100 million.

From Politics & Policy Jul 06, 2012

Unemployment To Remain High Through 2016: Report

President Obama and Mitt Romney are both campaigning on a promise to revitalize the economy, but a new poll of economists offers a gloomy forecast for the next presidential term no matter who is in the White House.

From Politics & Policy Jul 06, 2012

Scathing Wall Street Journal Editorial Shows Conservative Media Still Distrusts Romney

The strongly worded piece is the latest episode in Romney's fraught relationship with prominent conservative opinion-shapers who have been skeptical from the start of his ideological squishiness.

From Politics & Policy Jul 04, 2012

Chris Christie Open To Being Romney's VP

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is not ruling out the possibility of being 2012 Republican Party nominee-designate Mitt Romney's vice president.

From Politics & Policy Jul 04, 2012

Romney Foreign Policy: A 'Replay Of The Bush Administration'?

On several of the foreign policy issues facing the United States, Romney has advocated a path that is closer to the Bush administration, which disdained diplomacy in favor of unilateral action. Here is a sampling.