Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Jul 24, 2012

With Foreign Trip, Romney Looks To Improve Image -- But Not By Making Any Statements

Romney can invoke anemic monthly job numbers to contend that Obama's domestic policies have failed. But he faces a more difficult task in critiquing the Obama administration's policies outside America's borders.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

Colorado Gun Laws: A Synopsis

Just as the Trayvon Martin shooting prompted a reexamination of Florida's Stand Your Ground law, the Aurora massacre could lead to more scrutiny of Colorado's laws. Here's a primer.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

Obama Remains Mum On Gun Control In Colorado Massacre Speech

President Obama has been in heavy campaign mode lately, but he stayed away from politics during a Friday morning speech addressing the massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

'Dark Knight' Shooting: Mayor Bloomberg Asks For Gun Solutions From Romney, Obama

In the aftermath of a deadly Colorado shooting, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged President Obama and Mitt Romney to say how they would prevent future incidents of gun violence.

From Politics & Policy Jul 19, 2012

Multiple Polls Find Presidential Dead Heat, Grim Economic News

The presidential race continues to be a toss-up, with several new polls showing a split electorate and a persistent sense of gloom about the fitful economic recovery.

From Politics & Policy Jul 19, 2012

Relatives Of Americans Killed In Drone Strikes Sue Obama Administration

Relatives of U.S. citizens killed by drone strikes in Yemen have filed a lawsuit against senior members of the Obama administration, the latest legal challenge to the president's aggressive use of armed drones.

From Politics & Policy Jul 19, 2012

Obama Campaign Issues First Election Law Challenge, Suing Ohio Over Early Voting

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign has sued Ohio over a law restricting early voting, arguing that the law discourages some Ohioans from being able to cast ballots.

From Politics & Policy Jul 19, 2012

Democrats Seek To Let All Tax Cuts Expire, Putting Republicans On the Spot

Seeking to avoid another extension of Bush-era tax cuts for the nation's top earners, Senate Democrats unveiled a plan to let tax breaks expire for all Americans and then implement a separate tax cut for middle-class Americans.

From Politics & Policy Jul 12, 2012

Chicago Defies Obama Administration On Deportations

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed on Tuesday a measure that would prohibit police officers from turning undocumented immigrants over to federal authorities if the immigrants had not committed crimes.

From Politics & Policy Jul 11, 2012

Holder Hits Texas ID Law As ‘Harmful to Minority Voters,' Likens To Poll Tax

A Texas voter identification law currently being argued in court could rob minorities of their right to vote, Attorney General Eric Holder told the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Tuesday.