Articles By Jeremy B. White

From Politics & Policy Sep 19, 2012

Court Deals New Setback To Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

The law mandating that voters must have a photo ID in order to vote in Pennsylvania, which Republicans like and Democrats hate, hit a fresh snag as the state Supreme Court sent it back to a lower jurisdiction.

From Politics & Policy Sep 19, 2012

Obama Administration Scores Point In Fight To Keep Indefinite Detention Powers

A federal judge has halted a recent court ruling that sharply questioned the federal government's power to indefinitely detain terror suspects -- but the issue won't be solved until later this month at the earliest.

From Politics & Policy Sep 19, 2012

Romney's '47 Percent' Stumble: Why It May Not Be A Big Deal

Romney's "47 percent" gaffe is unquestionably an egregious one. But it also affirms, however crudely, a central narrative that Romney -- and indeed the entire Republican Party -- is trying to sell.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Returns To Zuccotti Park, Without Tents

Occupy Wall Street returned to the Zuccotti Park in a Monday celebration of the movement's one-year anniversary. And while the occasion was replete with the drums, banners and heated political discussions that pervaded Zuccotti a year ago, it seemed unlikely that another occupation was imminent.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Reclaims The Streets - PHOTOS

For those of you unable to make it to the demonstration, here's a sampling of images from the revived Occupy Wall Street protests.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

On One-Year Anniversary, Occupy Wall Street's Diversity On Display During Protest

A year to the day after protesters descended on Zuccotti Park, launching what would become a national phenomenon, little has changed. The Occupy Wall Street protesters who turned out to mark Occupy's anniversary had a vast number of causes.

From Politics & Policy Sep 15, 2012

White House Works To Control Crisis Abroad, As Anti-'Innocence of Muslims' Protests Spread

The United States is working to shore up security at diplomatic sites abroad, as protests responding to an incendiary film, entitled "Innocence of Muslims," spread across the Middle East, an Obama spokesperson said on Friday.

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Obama Leads Romney Nationally, Has Edge In Florida, Ohio And Virginia: Polls

President Barack Obama has opened a slim lead over Mitt Romney in three battleground states, according to a new series of NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls.

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Judge Nixes New Powers For US Government To Indefinitely Detain Terror Suspects

A judge backs plaintiffs who said the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 could lead to their being indefinitely detained, dealing a blow to the Obama administration.

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Republicans Double Down, Rally To Romney's Side In Libya Flap

Even as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney defends his criticism of how President Obama handled the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, other Republicans echoed Romney by saying Obama's policies are partly to blame.