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From Society Jun 13

Pakistani Brothers Jailed For 'Cannibalism Raps,' Cook ‘Baby Curry’

Two Pakistani siblings are currently facing 11 years of jail sentence for cooking and eating "baby curry."

From Entertainment Jun 13

'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 28 Recap: Three of ‘MasterChef’ Cooks Battle for Elimination; Sarah Goes Home

In the Episode 27 of the "MasterChef Australia" Season 6, the contestants composed of Byron, Brent, Tracy, Colin, Emilia, Sarah, and Jamie faced a two-round elimination challenge that tested their knowledge of cuisines.

From Society Jun 13

'Human Mermaid’ Hannah Fraser Swims with Man-Eating Sharks

Model and marine conservationist Hannah Fraser danced with man-eating tiger sharks to show her protest against worldwide killing of the species, and to prove that sharks could not be that "scary".

From Entertainment Jun 12

'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 26 Recap: Renae Went Fan Girl, Flustered by Jock Zonfrillo; No Contestant Still Holds an Immunity Pin

Three of 'MasterChef Australia' contestants will vie for an immunity pin, but the challenge is not pretty easy. Colin, Georgia, and Amy will have to win against one another to compete with Jock Zonfrillo, one of Australia's reputable Chefs for a chance to skip a possible elimination.

From Entertainment Jun 12

'MasterChef Australia' 6 (2014) Episode 27 Recap: Contestants Cook for a Wedding in a Riotous Team Challenge

After the “hot” immunity challenge between Amy against pro-Chef Jock Zonfrillo of the Orana Restaurant, the “MasterChef Australia” contestants are up again for another pandemonium in the kitchen.

From Entertainment Jun 06

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Divorce Reports Not True; Musician Speaks of His Love for Wife and Her Influence on His Artistry

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's divorce issues loom on the Internet with gossip Web sites reporting that the couple is undergoing serious marital issues. However, in a new interview with music magazine Rolling Stone, Keith shares his thoughts about Nicole Kidman -- how she inspires his craft as a musician. Urban also confesses his love for the "Grace of Monaco" star.

Model Kendall Jenner arrives at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas

From Entertainment Jun 05

Celebrities Who 'Fake Twitter Followers' Like Kendall Jenner And Katy Perry

Celebrities often have thousands of followers because of their popularity. But there are questions if all of these are real or simply made-up followers.

From Tech & Trend Jun 03

'Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare' Game Features, PC Specs to Prepare, and Release Date

Electronic Arts (EA) and PopCap Games revealed a new version of the well-loved "Plants vs. Zombies" series. Dubbed as "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare:, the new game is expected to hit computers this June and Playstation consoles in August.

From Society Jun 03

Woman to Face Death Row After Converting to Christianity, Finds Freedom; British PM David Cameron Calls Verdict ‘Barbaric’

A 27-year-old Sudanese woman who has been sentenced to death for apostasy will be released, reports said.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Again Spotted Backstage/File photo/Reuters/Eric Gaillard

From Entertainment Jun 03

Jennifer Lawrence Tops ‘Most-Liked Summer Movie Actresses;’ Shailene Woodley Comes Fifth

Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after actresses of today, topping the list of “Most-Liked Summer Movie Actresses” of 2014, "Divergent" star Shailene Woodley comes fifth.