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From Entertainment Apr 17

'The Originals' Episode 18 'The Big Uneasy' Recap/Spoilers: Witch Ancestors Reveal Plan on Klaus’ Hybrid Child

“The Originals” viewers can now say hello to New Orleans again as the CW spinoff series returned with Episode 18 titled “The Big Uneasy.” In the brand new episode, alliances continue to be formed while conflicts also continue to arise between vampires, witches and werewolves.

From Society Apr 17

Viral Video: Teenager Jared Michael Takes Selfie Near Train Track, Got Kicked in the Head by Conductor

Teenager Jared Michael learned lesson the painful way when he tried to take a selfie image. The uploaded viral video on YouTube showed the teenager getting kicked in the head by the train conductor because he was standing so close to the tracks.

From Tech & Trend Apr 17

Nokia Lumia 1020: Windows Phone Handset to Document the Underwater Diving Expedition Called 'Mission 31'

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone handset that has the 41MP PureView camera will continue to show its superior camera technology in an underwater diving expedition. Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has teamed up with expedition leader Fabien Cousteau to use the Nokia Lumia 1020 in documenting the underwater dive called “Mission 31.

Ian Somerhalder

From Entertainment Apr 17

Ian Somerhalder on Twitter: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor Wants to Marry an Avid Ocean Conservationist?

Heartthrob actor Ian Somerhalder has implied on social networking site Twitter about his admiration for someone. Who is the lucky girl? Her name is Ocean Ramsey, an ocean conservationist, and the “Vampire Diaries” star even inquired if she is already married.

From Tech & Trend Apr 16

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom: Camera Phone Variant to be Announced as 'Galaxy K' at the 'Kapture the Moment' Event on April 29

The South Korean technology giant Samsung is set to announce a new camera-centric smartphone in addition to their lineup of devices after asking the device enthusiasts to mark the April 29 date on their calendars through a teaser invitation on Twitter. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to make an official appearance on the upcoming Tuesday event at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

From Entertainment Apr 16

'Man of Steel 2' News: Composer Hans Zimmer to Score the Upcoming Batman vs. Superman Film, Costume Reveal Likely to Happen in April or May

The Batman and Superman fans are looking forward to the costume reveal of their favorite superheroes in the upcoming “Man of Steel 2” film. In addition, the latest reports surrounding the superhero movie sequel claim composer Hans Zimmer will be working on the musical score of the Batman-Superman film.

From Entertainment Apr 16

'The Originals' Spoilers: Father Kieran’s Life in Danger, Elijah to Witness a Horrific Explosion in Episode 19 Titled 'An Unblinking Death'

Death appears to be inevitable in the CW spinoff series “The Originals” and it also looks like fans will say goodbye to another character. The released synopsis for the upcoming “The Originals” Episode 19 titled “An Unblinking Death” revealed that Father Kieran’s (Todd Stashwick) life is in danger...

From Entertainment Apr 16

Jensen Ackles vs. Misha Collins: Online Poll Asks 'Supernatural' Fans to Vote for the 2014 Alpha Male Madness Winner

“Supernatural” fans can forget for a moment the conflict between the Winchester brothers and have a look at the battle between Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and angel Castiel (Misha Collins). The fight between actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins will not be in the CW TV series’ episodes but on...

From Society Apr 16

Fairies Sighting: UK University Professor Shares Captured Images of Fairies in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire

A UK university professor grabbed the attention of many when he shared captured images of fairies in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. John Hyatt, 53, revealed he was taking pictures of different flying insects on his local landscape but enlarging and inspecting the images showed that a group of tiny flying creatures had a human-shaped form.

From Society Apr 15

2014 Lunar Eclipse: Where and What Time to Best View Total Lunar Eclipse in Australia

Australian sky watchers will be able to witness the total lunar eclipse provided that there are no weather disturbances and unobstructed views this Tuesday evening, April 15. The Sydney Observatory provided the details as to what time the 2014 Lunar Eclipse will start, end and where.