Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Aug 01, 2012

North Korea: Kim Jong Un May Soon Make First Official Visit To Beijing

Beijing may soon receive its first official visit from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, if recent high-level visits are any indication.

From Politics & Policy Aug 01, 2012

Russian Opposition Activist Alexei Navalny Charged With Embezzlement

Russian opposition activist Aleksei Navalny has been charged with embezzlement by the Kremlin’s State Investigative Committee.

From Politics & Policy Aug 01, 2012

Pakistan, U.S. Sign Deal To Reopen Supply NATO Routes, Deliver Military Aid

An agreement signed by the United States and Pakistan on Tuesday has determined some logistical details concerning NATO's usage of Pakistan land routes to transfer supplies to troops in Afghanistan.

From Politics & Policy Aug 01, 2012

Zimbabwe: Is Life In Prison Better Than Freedom On The Streets Of Harare?

When a Zimbabwean man would rather spend life behind bars than live one more day on the streets of his nation's capital, you know things have gotten bad.

From Health Jul 31, 2012

Ebola Outbreak In Uganda: Where Did It Come From, And Will It Spread?

Ebola remains a mysterious affliction; it has no cure, and no vaccine. It tends to flare up sporadically, but it can kill hundreds whenever it does crop up.

From Politics & Policy Jul 31, 2012

Syria: Regime Forces Move Into Aleppo With Heavy Weaponry As 200,000 Flee

About 200,000 people have fled Syria's largest city of Aleppo over the last few days, according to a statement from U.N. humanitarian chief Valeria Amos

From Politics & Policy Jul 29, 2012

Chaos In The Court! The Inner Workings Of Egypt’s Puzzling Judiciary

Want to really understand the post-revolution process in Egypt? Look to the men who are passing judgments behind everyone's back.

From Politics & Policy Jul 28, 2012

Mali's Interim President Traore Returns To Bamako After Suffering Severe Beating

Dioncounda Traore, the interim president of Mali, is returning to the capital city of Bamako to resume his post after two months of medical treatment in Paris. He left Mali after suffering a severe beating at the hands of demonstrators.

From Politics & Policy Jul 28, 2012

Making It Mandatory: Facing Low Voter Turnout, Can US Learn From Australia?

If every American were legally required to show up at the ballot box, perhaps political candidates could pursue their campaigns differently.

From Politics & Policy Jul 27, 2012

France: Muslim Woman Arrested For Covering Her Face In Public, Released For Ramadan

Police were injured on Friday while arresting a woman who was wearing a niqab, which violates French laws against covering the face in public.