Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Aug 09, 2012

Sinai Insecurity: How Israel and Egypt’s Military Could Benefit From Islamist Insurgencies

Clashes in the Sinai Peninsula have rumors swirling in Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

From Politics & Policy Aug 08, 2012

In Poverty-Stricken Kenya, Corrupt Government Spends Over $1M On Chairs

Kenya's parliamentary building has undergone a major renovation, worth millions of dollars. Meanwhile, about half the citizens live in poverty.

From Politics & Policy Aug 08, 2012

Yemen Restructures Army To Weaken Saleh Loyalists, Bolster Military Against Insurgencies

Yemeni President Hadi's new decree consolidates military power under his own leadership.

From Politics & Policy Aug 08, 2012

Sticking Together: Iran Pledges Support For Syrian Regime, Accuses US Of 'Warmongering'

Iran pledged strong support for Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday, accusing the United States of "warmongering" and promising to back Assad's crackdown against rebels of the Syrian uprising.

From Politics & Policy Aug 07, 2012

Foul Play, Or Fair Game? Turkish Politicians Blast Obama For Holding A Baseball Bat

Some Turkish politicians think Presisdent Barack Obama should have kept his hands free when he called Prime Minister Erdogan... but they had their own reasons to cause a stir.

From Politics & Policy Aug 07, 2012

From Hiroshima To Fukushima: An Atom Bomb Anniversary In The Age Of Nuclear Power

As Japan struggles to define its approach to nuclear power after Fukushima, today's Hiroshima anniversary recalls just how risky nuclear technology can be.

From Politics & Policy Aug 07, 2012

Why The Sinai Peninsula Matters: Militants Compromise Security Along Egypt’s Border With Israel

Despite its relative isolation, Egypt's Sinai Peninsula plays a huge role in one of the overarching conflicts of the 20th century.

From Politics & Policy Aug 05, 2012

Europe’s Last Dictator: Alexander Lukashenko And The Bad News Bears Of Belarus

If hundreds and hundreds of teddy bears can't bring down Europe's last dictatorship, what can?

From Politics & Policy Aug 04, 2012

Grenade Attack Kills Assailant In Nairobi, Kenya, One Day Before Clinton's Visit

A grenade blast in Kenya's capital city of Nairobi killed one person on Friday, the day before U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is scheduled to arrive as part of her seven-nation African tour.

From Politics & Policy Aug 02, 2012

Starting Over In Somalia? The Biggest Threat Of All Is In The Heart Of Mogadishu

Despite the recent passage of a new constitution, corruption in Somalia's interim government could derail progress even before it begins.