Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Aug 17, 2012

Israel’s Dangerous Debate: Opposition Resists Attacking Iran Amid Brinkmanship In Jerusalem

Israel may be closer than ever to launching a unilateral attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, and debate over this explosive issue has reached a fever pitch in Jerusalem

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

De Beers Moves To Botswana, Africa's Conflict-Free Diamond In The Rough

In Botswana, diamonds have been key to the country’s successful economy -- proof that a valuable resource is only as good as the entities that handle it.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

Israeli Attack Against Iran Might Result In 30-Day Conflict, 500 Casualties: Ministry Official

Israeli Civil Defense Minister Matan Vilnai outlined the possible outcome of an attack against Iran, predicting a month-long conflict that could claim 500 lives.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

Fools Rush In: North Korea And China Tie The Economic Knot

In order to cooperate with North Korea, China must turn a blind eye to the many injustices that take place there every single day.

From Politics & Policy Aug 15, 2012

For Tunisian Women, A Catch-22: Is Inequality The Price Of Progress?

Are Tunisian women "complementary to men"? A new draft constitution says as much, but thousands of demonstrators disagree.

From Politics & Policy Aug 14, 2012

The Last 'Occupy' Encampment? Hong Kong's Anti-Capitalist Demonstrators Due For Eviction

The Hong Kong occupation protest movement known as Occupy Central is likely to be evicted from its headquarters following a Monday court decision.

From Politics & Policy Aug 14, 2012

Making A Baby Boom: Singapore And The Politics Of Procreation

Singapore's population can't keep up with its productivity. Can the government do anything to get some more buns in the oven?

From Politics & Policy Aug 12, 2012

Senegal’s Golden Ticket: The Secret To Stability Amid Strife In West Africa

Senegal has seen decades of peace and democracy, even while surrounding countries endured war, tyranny and instability.

From Politics & Policy Aug 10, 2012

France Evicts Roma, Again: Public Safety, Or Political Scheme?

Evicting one of Europe's most marginalized groups may help Francois Hollande get back in France's good graces.

From Politics & Policy Aug 09, 2012

Nowhere To Turn: Rohingya People Flee Violence In Myanmar, Unwelcome In Bangladesh

Rohingya migrants are seeking refuge from Myanmar in neighboring Bangladesh, but thousands have been forced to return to the violent persecution they were desperate to escape.