Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Aug 25, 2012

Remembering Reform: Iranian Opposition Figure Mousavi Back To House Arrest

Mir Hossein Mousavi, arguably Iran's most prominent opposition figure, has returned to house arrest after undergoing a brief round of heart examinations at a Tehran hospital.

From Politics & Policy Aug 25, 2012

Bridges Falling Down - China's Embarrassing Infrastructure Problem

Falling bridges, crashing trains and other preventable tragedies expose the underlying inefficiencies of China's infrastructure boom.

From Politics & Policy Aug 25, 2012

Syrian Violence Spills Into Lebanon, Worsening Regional Instability

The Syrian civil war has sparked new levels of violence in neighboring Lebanon.

From Politics & Policy Aug 24, 2012

Made In Palestine? South Africa To Label West Bank Products, Angering Israel

The South African government has decided that all consumer goods produced on the West Bank must be labeled as coming from the occupied Palestinian territories -- and Israel is very angry.

From Politics & Policy Aug 24, 2012

Plus Ça Change: France Opens Jobs To Roma People After Destroying Their Encampments

France will abandon some of its discriminatory policies against Roma immigrants and give them greater access to the French job market.

From Education Aug 23, 2012

Tehran Bars Women From Some Universities, Making Iranian Youths Even Angrier

The Iranian regime has good reason to restrict young people's access to education, regardless of gender.

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

Missing Meles Zenawi: Ethiopia’s Power Vacuum Threatens Western Interests In Africa

Meles Zenawi's death has great implications not only for Ethiopia, but for Western diplomacy across the African continent.

From Politics & Policy Aug 21, 2012

Making Sense Of Marikana: The Deep Divisions Behind South Africa’s Miner Massacre

South Africa's mining protests underscore a new dynamic -- the organizations that once wrested power from an oppressive minority are now being targeted as oppressors themselves.

From Economy Aug 18, 2012

Not Going Anywhere: Can Hungary Force Travel Ban On Its Brightest College Grads?

Hungary's best and brightest are feeling pinched by an increasingly demanding government.

From Sports Aug 17, 2012

Nigeria’s Hunger Games: Corrupt Government To Invest In Olympic Training Program

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has plans to invest heavily in the country's future Olympians -- even though most of the population still lives in poverty.