Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Sep 11, 2012

Little Fanfare Over U.S.-Afghan Jail Transfer, But Bagram Is A Big Deal

Control over a major detention facility at Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base was passed from the U.S. military to the Afghan government in a small ceremony on Monday, a major step in NATO's troop withdrawal and Kabul's progress toward full security independence.

From Politics & Policy Sep 10, 2012

‘We Are Not Sacred’: Mahmoud Abbas Tries To Quell A Palestinian Arab Spring

Economic problems have drastically lowered standards of living across the Palestinian territories, and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is facing heated criticism from the public. But, this weekend, President Mahmoud Abbas stepped up to defend Fayyad.

From Politics & Policy Sep 10, 2012

In Hong Kong Election, Pro-Democracy Candidates Likely To Gain In Heavy Turnout

Hong Kong residents went to the ballot box on Sunday, and early exit poll results show that pro-democracy, anti-Beijing candidates are likely to win the majority of generally-elected seats.

From Politics & Policy Sep 10, 2012

Iraq's Sunni Vice President Hashemi Sentenced To Death By Shia Government

Tareq al-Hashemi, the fugitive vice president of Iraq, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death on Sunday.

From Society Sep 10, 2012

O.J. Simpson Defense Team Denies Accusations Of Tampering With Leather Gloves, 17 Years Later

Defense attorneys who represented O.J. Simpson during his 1994-95 murder trial have responded to new allegations that one of the most important pieces of evidence had been illegally tampered with.

From Politics & Policy Sep 09, 2012

Liberian Timber Wars Pit Poverty-Stricken Communities Against Secretive Big Loggers Given An Opening By The Government

Forests are extremely important to Liberians, who rely upon vast wooded areas for everything from building supplies and medicine to water protection and game habitats. Recently, a government program turned over these critical regions to big logging firms in a misguided attempt to provide income and revenue for hard-hit communities.

From Faith & Belief Sep 08, 2012

Vatican Official Condemns Israeli Discrimination Against Christians

In a rare official complaint from a Vatican senior official in Jerusalem, Friar Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custodian of the Holy Land, said in a Friday statement that Israel has failed to respond adequately to frequent discrimination against Christians.

From Society Sep 08, 2012

Murder In The French Alps: New Details Emerge On Family Connections And International Links

A puzzling murder mystery in the French Alps has taken on international import as more and more details about the slain members of a British-Iraqi family are uncovered.

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Putin Calls For End To Violence In Syria, But Refuses To Act On It

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that his priority in Syria is to end the violence, but he accuses rebel supporters of pursuing a "dangerous and short-sighted policy."

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Yet Another Person Who Dislikes Mitt Romney: Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was "mistaken" in an interview aired Thursday.