Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Society Jul 20, 2012

Before The Attack: Why Israeli Tourists Flocked To Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a surprisingly popular destination for Israeli travelers.

From Society Jul 19, 2012

Crowded Ferry Capsizes Off Tanzania Coast, Killing 24: Official

A passenger ferry capsized off the coast of Tanzania on Wednesday, killing 24 people, according to one Zanzibari minister.

From Society Jul 19, 2012

First Class Citizens? Surprising Truth About Women’s Equality In Japan

Japan's female Olympic athletes haven't been treated quite as well as their male counterparts, occasioning new scrutiny into gender equality issues in Japan.

From Politics & Policy Jul 18, 2012

Mandela And The Dictators: A Freedom Fighter With A Complicated Past

Mandela's achievements were monumental, but some of his tactics and alliances were more questionable than others.

From Politics & Policy Jul 18, 2012

The 'Poor Man's Venice': Nigeria Demolishes Makoko In Lagos, Evicting Thousands

Nigerian authorities served Makoko residents with an eviction notice last week. They were given only 72 hours to leave their homes before demolition forces moved in.

From Politics & Policy Jul 17, 2012

Au Revoir! France’s Rich Flee Hollande’s Sky-High Taxes, Proving Cameron Right

The Socialist French President has fallen out of favor with the well-to-do crowd. They're fleeing the country to escape a new tax system that threatens to dig deep into their assets.

From Politics & Policy Jul 17, 2012

Clinton Pledges US Will Help Israel Stop Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged a commitment to work with Israel in order to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

From Politics & Policy Jul 17, 2012

Dlamini-Zuma: Why The African Union’s First Female Chair Could Mean Big Changes

Considering her South African roots and the many serious challenges facing the African Union today, Dlamini-Zuma will be under intense scrutiny in the coming weeks.

From Politics & Policy Jul 14, 2012

Thailand: As Constitutional Court Toes The Line, Will Populists Ever Take Down The King?

As Thai citizens become increasingly involved in their country's political processes, the very presence of a dynastically appointed king begins to look more and more anachronistic.

From Politics & Policy Jul 14, 2012

Iran Would Have Nuclear Bomb Now If UK Had Not Intervened: MI6 Chief John Sawers

MI6 Chief John Sawers said that Iran is now two years away from developing nuclear weapons and that his spy agency had prevented this from happening in 2008.