Articles By Jacey Fortin

From Politics & Policy Jul 27, 2012

Britain Piloted Drones In 2011 Libya Campaign: Parliament

The British Parliament confirmed on Thursday that members of the country's Royal Air Force operated drones in Libya during 2011.

From Politics & Policy Jul 27, 2012

Mombasa Blues: Kenyan Separatists May Endanger National Economy, Security

The Mombasa Republican Council has been granted legitimacy by the country's high court, setting the stage for a political battle that could threaten Kenya's stability.

From Politics & Policy Jul 26, 2012

In The US Gun Control Debate, What Can We Learn From Switzerland?

What if more Americans carried loaded guns on a regular basis... and what does Switzerland have to do with all of this?

From Politics & Policy Jul 25, 2012

Tajikistan's Tough Choice: Central Asia’s Worst Dictator, Or Militant Islamist Insurgency?

The forgotten country of Tajikistan is actually of pivotal importance, and the rumblings of an increasingly bold crowd of Islamist dissenters there should not be ignored.

From Politics & Policy Jul 24, 2012

UK Calls For Deportation Of Foreign Migrants, Raising National Security Concerns Before Olympics

British Members of Parliament have condemned the UK Border Agency for failing to address its growing backlog of immigration cases involving foreign nationals who should have been removed from the country.

From Politics & Policy Jul 24, 2012

South Sudan Offers To Resume Oil Exports As Sudan's Economy Tanks

South Sudan has advanced a plan to resume oil exports in cooperation with Sudan, a move that could ease tensions and salvage the countries’ failing economies.

Jul 24, 2012

The President’s Lies: Why Mugabe Secretly Supports Sanctions On Zimbabwe

A national election is expected to take place in Zimbabwe next year. Without sanctions to condemn, Mugabe would be hard-pressed to find something else to blame.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

Iraq Sends Troops To Seal Borders Against Syrian Rebels, Evacuates Iraqi Nationals From Damascus

Iraqi troops mobilized to seal border crossings into Syria on Friday after Syrian rebels occupied government posts on their own side of the border.

From Society Jul 21, 2012

Namibia’s Miraculous Wellspring: Newly Discovered Aquifer Could Help Develop Agriculture

In Namibia, finding an aquifer is akin to striking gold.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

Haiti Cholera Outbreak: US Congress Members Call On UN To Accept Responsibility

A group of U.S. Congress members demanded on Friday that the United Nations take responsibility for the cholera outbreak that hit the nation of Haiti beginning in 2010. The U.N. has so far not implicated itself in the incident.