Articles By J.J. McGrath

From Global Markets Jun 11, 2012

Market Operators More Greedy Than Fearful In Early Going On Monday

China's easy money and Spain's hard choice to accept a bailout of its cash-strapped financials sector appear to have market participants feeling pretty chipper in the early going on Monday.

From Companies Jun 11, 2012

GE May Cut Its Exposure To The Financial-Services Trade: Report

GE Capital -- the financial-services unit of the General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) -- may be in for a round of slicing and dicing by its corporate parent, according to an account appearing online in the Wall Street Journal.

From Economy Jun 11, 2012

China's Data On Trade In May A Surprise: Not A Bad One But A Good One

Many analysts anticipated China's balance-of-trade figures for May would be OK, but the customs numbers reported Sunday were better than that expectation: Year on year, the country's exports rose 15.3 percent, and its imports rose 12.1 percent.

From Companies Jun 11, 2012

Will Genentech's Perjeta Be The Next Blockbuster For Roche?

Combatants on the front lines in the war on cancer have a new weapon in the arsenal, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday OK'd Perjeta -- flanked by Herceptin and docetaxel -- for deployment in a three-pronged attack on the enemy cells in people with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

From Economy Jun 10, 2012

Greek And Spanish Ills Could Infect Entire Euro Zone: Moody's

Developments in Greece and Spain could lead first to rating reviews and then to rating actions on all 17 countries in the euro zone, Moody's Investors Service announced Friday.

From Politics & Policy Jun 10, 2012

Spain Becomes Fourth Bailed-Out Country In 17-Nation Euro Zone

Spanish officials appeared hesitant to recognize the reality of their country's situation on Saturday as the nation agreed to accept as much as €100 billion ($125 billion) in a bailout of its cash-strapped financials sector by one or both of the euro zone's rescue funds.

From Politics & Policy Jun 10, 2012

France's Socialist Party Appears Poised For More Electoral Gains: Polls

Five weeks after the Socialist Party's Francois Hollande scored a victory in France's presidential election, public-opinion polls show his fellow party members may soon win either a plurality or even a majority of the seats in the lower house of the country's Parliament.

From Global Markets Jun 04, 2012

Follow The Leader: Monday's Markets Look A Lot Like Friday's Markets

Asian equity indexes are getting whacked on Monday a lot like European and U.S. stock indexes got whacked on Friday, with all of those open at this time having shed between 1 percent and 3 percent in the early going.

From Travel Jun 04, 2012

Gila: Monster Of A Wildfire Still Being Battled In N.M. [PHOTOS]

The biggest wildfire in the history of New Mexico continues to burn, but the ghosts of Mogollon appear safe from having their ectoplasm singed, at least for another tourist season. The Catron County Sheriff's Office will lift on Monday an evacuation order for the ghost town.

From Health Jun 04, 2012

US FDA Alerts Consumers About Mexico's Recall Of Reumofan Plus

Mexico's Ministry of Health has issued a warning on Reumofan Plus -- marketed as a so-called natural dietary supplement for pain relief and other serious conditions -- and ordered manufacturer Riger Naturals to recall it.