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From Economy May 22, 2012

Stocks Rally, China Hints At Stimulus: Daily Markets Wrap

The strain in this relationship between Germany and France was apparent Monday as finance ministers from both countries failed to resolve the question whether the euro zone would benefit from issuing joint European bonds. Berlin rejects the idea, stipulating that struggling economies need to clean up their messes before being given a reason not to.

From Science Feb 23, 2012

Staff Expected to Shrink at National Nuclear Lab

A shrunken budget caused a national nuclear safety lab to announce a plan to reduce its staff by up to 800 employees, officials announced Wednesday.

Jan 12, 2012

Snake Named Matilda: How to Get a Species Named After You

For a price, nearly anybody can have a species named after them.

From Science Jan 10, 2012

ADHD: 4 Diets Geared to Prevent Hyperactivity in Children

Parents may be able to control ADHD in their children through diet, a new study review concluded Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

From Science Jan 10, 2012

Extraterrestrial Hunters: First Alien Signal or Interference?

The search for extraterrestrial life just got a little closer to its goal. Scientists released preliminary results Friday of signals from NASA's Kepler satellite as part of the Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence based out of the University of California Berkeley.

From Science Jan 06, 2012

Popcorn Sutton's Moonshine: Recipes to Make Your Own Hooch

Popcorn Sutton, a famous Appalachian moonshiner, was a surge in popularity after the Discovery TV network aired "Moonshiners" Wednesday, a show that explored his life that ended in suicide in 2009.

From Companies Dec 13, 2011

Netflix Stock Jumps on Verizon Buyout Rumor

Netflix shares are up strongly on speculation that Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) might buy the company to enter the streaming video business.

From Politics & Policy Nov 24, 2011

Russia Says It Will Target U.S. Missile Shield

Russia has again warned the U.S. about deploying a missile defense system in Europe, with President Dmitry Medvedev saying his nation will deploy new missiles aimed at the shield if the U.S. goes forward with its plan.

From Tech Oct 23, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S' Siri Vs. Android's Iris: Do We Smell a Competition?

Apple Inc.’s new voice-recognition application for the iPhone 4S, better known as Siri, may be given a run for its money by a recently released Android smartphone app called Iris, or "Siri" spelled backward.

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