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HTC One 2

From Tech Mar 15

HTC One 2 M8 Release Date: Conflicting Expected Features Ahead of its Unveiling

The final countdown for the unveiling of HTC One 2 has begun after the company confirmed that the sequel to the best smartphone of the year would be announced on 25 March. Now, several conflicting expected features of the device have surfaced ahead of the event.

From Society Mar 14

Mark Zuckerberg Expresses Frustration to Barack Obama: Complete Text of Facebook CEO's Post

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has revealed that he had called President Barack Obama to express his frustration over reports of repeated global surveillance programs by the US government.


From Entertainment Mar 14

'Scandal' Episode 13 Shocker: Jake Shot James or David?

"Scandal" episode 13 turned out to be a shocking bloody one with Jake (Scott Foley) on a shooting spree, shooting two women point blank and pulling the trigger as he turned towards James (Dan Bucatinsky) and David (Joshua Malina).

HTC One 2

From Tech Mar 14

HTC One 2 M8 to Take on iPhone 6: Which Flagship Smartphone Has Better Features?

The so called HTC One 2, which is also known by several names like HTC M8, HTC One Up, HTC one Plus and the All New HTC One, is all set to unveil on 25 March and is expected to be released in more than 100 countries two weeks later. And if Apple Inc. unveils its new smartphone, iPhone 6 at the WWDC event in June as speculated, the two flagship smartphones will have to fight it out in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S5

From Tech Mar 04

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price: Flagship Smartphone to Ship with Free Android App Bundle

Samsung Electronics has announced free Android App bundle worth $500 for owners of its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S5, which was announced a week ago and is set for release in 150 countries on 11 April.

From Entertainment Mar 02

Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Split: Did Actor's Mom Play a Part in Their Break Up?

Hollywood couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has been having a complete relationship ever since they parted ways after the latter cheated on the former in 2012, and now several reports have suggested that Pattinson's mother must have played a part in their break up.


From Society Feb 28

Shocker: Dog Abuse Video Sparks Outrage; 2 Juveniles Arrested for Animal Ill-Treatment

A video, showing a teenager mercilessly abusing a dog, has drawn outrage from internet users, leading to the arrest of two juveniles for animal abuse.

Katy Perry

From Entertainment Feb 28

Katy Perry's Baby Delivery Stunt: 'Dark Horse' Singer Helps Friend Give Birth in Living Room

After hitting the headlines for all the wrongs reasons in the last couple of days, pop star Katy Perry has declared on Twitter that she helped a friend to give birth in the living room and described it as "miracle".

Beyonce Knowles

From Entertainment Feb 28

Beyonce's Raunchy 'Partition' Video: Lyrics Go 'He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my Gown' [VIDEO]

Beyonce Knowles may not have shed as much clothes as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna in the video of her new track "Partition" but her raunchy act is enough to catch the attention of the public.

Indian submarine INS Sindhurakshak

From Society Feb 27

INS Sindhuratna Submarine Fire Accident: 2 Officers Died On Board, Confirms Indian Navy

Two officers, who were missing since the fire broke out on board INS Sindhuratna submarine on Wednesday, have died, the Navy confirmed on Thursday. The deceased officers - Lt Commander Kapish Muwal and Lt Manoranjan Kumar - were declared missing on Wednesday after the fire mishap on board the 25-year-old Indian Navy submarine that left seven other sailors unconscious.