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From Politics & Policy Apr 18, 2013

Suspicious Letter Sent To President Obama May Have Contained Ricin: Suspect In Custody

The letter was intercepted the same time a similar suspicious letter was addressed to a U.S. senator.

From Society Sep 19, 2012

National Cheeseburger Day 2012: Free Burgers And Other Great Deals Across America

National Cheeseburger Day is Tuesday, Sept. 18. Burger joints across the nation are celebrating this momentous occasion with a variety of deals, while others are honoring the day by using your cheeseburger purchase to benefit charity.

From Society Sep 15, 2012

Walmart Apologizes For Turning Away Florida Kids' September 11 Tribute

Walmart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) issued an apology to Florida elementary school students who were turned away from singing "God Bless America" at the chain's Pembroke Pines location to pay tribute to the victims Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

From Politics & Policy Sep 13, 2012

'Innocence of Muslims' And 5 Other Western Incidents That Inflamed The Islamic World

The depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in Western media and the burning of Qurans have long been a sensitive subjects among devout Muslims, who view artistic expressions of the prophet and burnings as blasphemous and highly offensive. Protesters angry over a depiction of the prophet in "Innocence of Muslims," a video posted on YouTube, attacked the U.S.

From Politics & Policy Sep 12, 2012

Joe Biden Ripped On Twitter For Calling 9/11 'Bittersweet': Gaffe Or Fitting Within Context?

Gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden offended many Twitter users while describing Sept. 11 as "bittersweet" during a ceremony Tuesday for those who lost their lives on United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

From Politics & Policy Sep 12, 2012

Scott Van Duzer, Florida Pizzeria Owner Who Gave Obama Bear Hug, Becomes Internet Sensation [PHOTO]

A day ago, Scott Van Duzer was just another pizzeria owner. Now, he's the talk of the Internet and the country, known as that guy who gave a bear hug to President Barack Obama.

From Society Sep 11, 2012

Sept. 11 Anniversary: Iconic Pictures Of The World Trade Center, Ground Zero, Past Memorials And The Freedom Tower [PHOTOS]

The Sept. 11 attacks changed the landscape of New York City forever. Before 9/11, you could view the World Trade Center towers by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or hitching a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Barack Obama's 2012 DNC Speech Was Unexciting By Design, Campaign Staff Reveals

Did you think President Barack Obama's speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention was unexciting? It turns out that's the tone his re-election campaign was going for.

From Sports Sep 06, 2012

Phoenix Suns Gorilla Job Posting Indicates Mascot Needs Microsoft Word And Acro-Dunking Skills

Now is the time to work on your acrobatic dunking skills -- and your proficiency in Microsoft Word -- after the Phoenix Suns are in the market for a new gorilla mascot.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

Dick Harpootlian, South Carolina Democratic Chairman, Stirs Controversy Comparing Nikki Haley To Eva Braun

Dick Harpootlian, the colorful chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, landed himself in hot water among Republican circles after invoking Adolf Hitler's mistress, Eva Braun, when speaking about South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.