Articles By Hannah Puyat

From Science Nov 20, 2013

Asteroid Hitting Earth May Not Be A Worst Case Scenario For the Future - Perth Scientists

In October 2013, it was reported that there is a probability that an asteroid will hit the Earth in 2032. Though the chances of that happening is one in 63,000, many are still fretting about it. Could it be the end of civilization? Some Perth scientists say not exactly.

From Law Nov 20, 2013

South Australian Police Seize Drugs Valued At $150M

As a result of their two-year thorough investigation on outlaw motorcycle gangs, the South Australian Police has confiscated more than $150 million in a drug bust.

From Science Nov 20, 2013

Australian Government Appalled by Nation's Attitude Towards Alcohol

The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has put forth its recommendations regarding how Australians as a nation consume alcohol and the findings are not good in the least.

From Science Nov 20, 2013

Australia's First Euthanasia Clinic to Open By November 24

With Independent MP Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity bill creating such a huge discussion in parliament, it's only timely that Australia's first euthanasia clinic should also be discussed. Dr Philip Nitschke, voluntary euthanasia campaigner and Exit International director, confirmed that by November 24 the clinic and laboratory will be open.

From Health Nov 20, 2013

A New Reason To Celebrate With Some Bubbly: Champagne May Improve Memory

Scientists have found that drinking champagne can improve your memory. A study published in the journal Antioxidants & Redox Signaling said some celebratory bubbly could increase one's working spatial memory, an area in the brain vital for undertaking complex tasks and dealing with numbers.

From Entertainment Nov 20, 2013

Lucky Sophie: Sophie Wessex Meets Four Doctors at Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Reception

As it is nearing its 50th Anniversary episode, long running show "Doctor Who" has been making the press rounds lately. The latest exploit of the Doctor is none other than Buckingham Palace to meet with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

From Law Nov 20, 2013

Cheating Scandal: Adelaide Med Students Caught Cheating in Reproductive Health Exam

A serious breach in scholastic conduct was brought to the attention of Adelaide University when some of its fifth year class were caught cheating on a reproductive health exam. Twelve students have now come forward admitting to the offense and the university is expecting more to come forward. The university was alerted by an anonymous tipper.

From Politics & Policy Nov 19, 2013

Adelaide Taxi Drivers Afraid Of Recurring Night Beatings

Taxis play a major part in the urban landscape and nearly impossible to picture a city without them. Cabbies of Adelaide have something to be fearful about. There has been an increase in nighttime beatings that have taken place in recent months. Many drivers have avoided driving at night to escape the wave of violent assaults.

From Science Nov 19, 2013

Scientists Speculate On How Many Body Parts Remain Undiscovered

Oftentimes, even the best of the human race can be dumbfounded by how much we still don't know about our own bodies. In current scientific studies, discovery of a new layer in the cornea and a previously unknown ligament in the knee have been humbling reminders of how complex our anatomy is.

From Science Nov 19, 2013

What Type Of Drinker Are You: Scientists Want To Know

A sample population of Australia's young adults were part of the study to determine their drinking behavior as conducted by the RMIT University. The study aimed to identify the role of alcohol in today's society and possible alternatives to the social activity.