Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Faith & Belief Nov 26, 2013

Mystery of Buddha’s Birth Enlightened by Nepal Archaeologists

Archaeologists discover Buddha was born in the sixth century BC.

From Science Nov 26, 2013

Comet of the Century: Ison Could Hold Clues to Life on Earth

Astronomers anxious to find out if Comet Ison survives encounter with sun.

From Society Nov 26, 2013

Andhra Pradesh Mass Evacuation Planned as Severe Cyclone Lehar Looms

India’s east coast expecting more storms less than a week after Cyclone Helen killed six.

From Society Nov 25, 2013

India: 93 Girls Sexually Assaulted on School Trip Train

Almost 100 schoolgirls assaulted on train between Patna and Dhanbad on way home from environmental camp.

From Society Nov 25, 2013

BBC’s Planet Earth Triggers Belief in God Because of Inability to Understand Awe-Inspiring Scenes

Awe-inspiring moments increase belief in God and supernatural, study finds.

From Society Nov 25, 2013

Mount Sinabung: Alert Raised to Highest Level as Indonesia Volcano Erupts Nine Times [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Indonesian authorities say over 11,000 people have been evacuated from volcano site.

From Society Nov 23, 2013

Prince William Centrepoint Sunderland Visit: Is He the Ginger One or the One With a Bairn?

Prince William gets cookery lesson on visit to charity for the homeless.

From Science Nov 23, 2013

Burst of the Century: Black Hole Birth Captured on Film

Nasa satellites capture blast of light from dying star.

From Society Nov 23, 2013

Ultra-Vintage: World’s Oldest Wine Cellar Found in Israel

Wine cellar found in ruins of Canaanite city dates back to 1700BC.

From Society Nov 22, 2013

Rape Capital of the World: South Africa ‘Reached Turning Point’ After Anene Booysen Murder

South African government to open trauma centre where Booysen was violently raped and murdered.