Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Science Nov 28, 2013

New Aggressive Strain of HIV Discovered in West Africa Leads to Aids Faster

Researchers identify new strain of HIV that leads to Aids within five years.

From Society Nov 28, 2013

French Vote to Fine Prostitutes' Clients but not Sex Workers

MPs in Paris expected to follow 'Nordic Model' by making buying sex illegal.

From Science Nov 28, 2013

New Species of Tigrina Wild Cat Discovered in Brazil [PHOTOS]

Researchers find populations of tigrini are separate species.

From Society Nov 28, 2013

CNN's World Business Presenter Charles Hodson Resigns from Church After Affair With Choir Singer

Charles Hodson still presents CNN's World Business Today, attracting a worldwide audience of 200 million.

From Science Nov 28, 2013

Comet Ison Particles to Provide Cosmic Time Capsule as Moment of Truth Approaches

Expert says meteor shower from Comet Ison will provide a time travel capsule from outer space.

From Society Nov 27, 2013

Mount Sinabung: 17,000 Evacuated and Hundreds ‘Threatened With Starvation’ as Volcano Continues to Erupt [PHOTOS]

Thousands of people displaced by volcano say food supplies are desperately needed.

From Science Nov 27, 2013

Autopsies With an iPad: Digital Post Mortem Centre Opens in Sheffield

Digital autopsy centre to create 3D images of bodies and reconstruct scenes of crimes.

From Science Nov 27, 2013

Seven Volcanoes in Six Countries Erupt within Hours - But no Sign of Doomsday

Cluster of eruptions perfectly normal phenomenon, volcanologists says.

From Science Nov 26, 2013

Death of Ison: Comet of the Century to Fizzle and 'Break Up’

Astronomer says latest figures suggest Comet Ison will not make it around the Sun.

From Society Nov 26, 2013

Lesbian Sex up 400% in UK but Homophobia Remains Rife

National Survey shows change in attitudes and sexual behaviour in Britain over last 10 years.