Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Australia Breaking Bad Murder: Man Dissolves Wife's Body in Acid ‘Because of Bad Cooking and Dull Sex Life’

Klaus Andres admitted killing wife and dissolving her body with 60 litres of acid in a wheelie bin.

From Science Dec 03, 2013

Comet Ison is Dead: Astrophysicist Karl Battams Writes Obituary For Comet of the Century

Battams says Comet Ison has not survived its close encounter with the Sun.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

IUCN Botswana Conference: 100,000 African Elephants to be Slaughtered in Next 10 Years

Experts say Africa will lose a fifth of its elephants over the next decade.

From Society Dec 02, 2013

Australian and New Zealand Thalidomide Victims Receive $89m Payout From Diageo

Thalidomide distributor settles legal action with over 100 victims.

From Society Dec 02, 2013

Essex Forced Caesarean: Italian Mother’s Case ‘A Big Problem That’s Been Swept Under the Carpet’

MP John Hemming says UK courts regularly separate mother from child.

From Society Dec 02, 2013

China: 80 Female Skulls Found in Neolithic City Were Human Sacrifices

Skulls found in China’s Shaanxi Province were used to build Neolithic city walls.

From Society Nov 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: Guide to America’s Second Most Loved Holiday

What is Thanksgiving, where did it come from and do we care?

From Society Nov 29, 2013

Cats Know Owners’ Voice - But Couldn’t Care Less [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Pet researchers show cats able to recognise their owners’ voice but choose to ignore them.

From Society Nov 29, 2013

Cigarette Plain Packs 'Will Undoubtedly Save Thousands of Lives’

Government U-turn on cigarette packaging welcomed by Cancer Research UK.

From Science Nov 28, 2013

Comet Ison: Will Flip of Sun’s Magnetic Field Affect Comet of the Century? [VIDEO]

D-Day for astronomers with Comet Ison just hours away from perihelion.