Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 03

Australia Breaking Bad Murder: Man Dissolves Wife's Body in Acid ‘Because of Bad Cooking and Dull Sex Life’

Klaus Andres admitted killing wife and dissolving her body with 60 litres of acid in a wheelie bin.

From Science Dec 03

Comet Ison is Dead: Astrophysicist Karl Battams Writes Obituary For Comet of the Century

Battams says Comet Ison has not survived its close encounter with the Sun.

From Society Dec 03

IUCN Botswana Conference: 100,000 African Elephants to be Slaughtered in Next 10 Years

Experts say Africa will lose a fifth of its elephants over the next decade.

From Society Dec 02

Australian and New Zealand Thalidomide Victims Receive $89m Payout From Diageo

Thalidomide distributor settles legal action with over 100 victims.

From Society Dec 02

Essex Forced Caesarean: Italian Mother’s Case ‘A Big Problem That’s Been Swept Under the Carpet’

MP John Hemming says UK courts regularly separate mother from child.

From Society Dec 02

China: 80 Female Skulls Found in Neolithic City Were Human Sacrifices

Skulls found in China’s Shaanxi Province were used to build Neolithic city walls.

From Society Nov 29

Thanksgiving 2013: Guide to America’s Second Most Loved Holiday

What is Thanksgiving, where did it come from and do we care?

From Society Nov 29

Cats Know Owners’ Voice - But Couldn’t Care Less [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Pet researchers show cats able to recognise their owners’ voice but choose to ignore them.

From Society Nov 29

Cigarette Plain Packs 'Will Undoubtedly Save Thousands of Lives’

Government U-turn on cigarette packaging welcomed by Cancer Research UK.

From Science Nov 28

Comet Ison: Will Flip of Sun’s Magnetic Field Affect Comet of the Century? [VIDEO]

D-Day for astronomers with Comet Ison just hours away from perihelion.