Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 04, 2013

Nelson Mandela ‘on Deathbed’ Says Daughter as Jacob Zuma Postpones State Visit from Kazakhstan

Makaziwe Mandela says her father 'teaching us lessons from deathbed'.

From Science Dec 04, 2013

Hubble Telescope Spots Five 'Hot Jupiter' Planets With Signatures of Water

Nasa 'confident' it is seeing water signatures from multiple planets.

From Society Dec 04, 2013

Lung Cancer Surgery Rises 65% as England and Wales Catch Up with European Survival Rates

Over a fifth of patients with common lung cancers underwent surgery in 2012.

From Society Dec 04, 2013

Young British and Broke: Miquita Oliver Looks at Payday Loans Ahead of Christmas

TV presenter investigates controversial form of lending in BBC documentary.

From Society Dec 04, 2013

Essex Forced Caesarean Scandal: Social Services 'Acted Like Hitler Regime'

Lawyers say Essex County Council tricked detained Italian mother and took baby without permission.

From Society Dec 04, 2013

China and India Driving Global Meat Consumption but West Still Worst Offender

Study of global food consumption shows humans are eating more meat.

From Science Dec 04, 2013

Designer Sperm: Scientists Able to Alter Genes Then Induce Fertilisation

‘New genetics’ allows researchers to change faulty genes in future.

From Society Dec 04, 2013

'Serial Killer' Hospital Worker David Kwiatkowski Injected Victims with Hepatitis C

Kwiatkowski sentenced to 39 years for infecting patients with hepatitis C.

From Science Dec 03, 2013

India’s Spacecraft Crosses Moon’s Orbit and Makes its Way to Mars

Mangalyaan craft becomes the first Indian-made object to visit deep space.

From Society Dec 03, 2013

Mers-CoV: Pregnant Woman Dies after Delivery in UAE's First Virus Death

Pregnant woman in Abu Dhabi diagnosed with Mers-CoV gives birth to baby.