Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 06, 2013

Christmas 2013: Germany Prepares For Terrifying Tradition Krampus [PHOTOS]

Krampus from German folk law punishes children during the Yule season .

From Society Dec 05, 2013

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lights Countdown and Start Time

Lord Mayor of Westminster to brace wind and cold to turn on 20m Norwegian Christmas tree.

From Science Dec 05, 2013

Clever Crocodiles Use Twigs and Sticks to Lure Prey

Researchers reveal first documented use of 'tools' by reptiles whose intelligence has long been understimated.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

French MPs Vote to Fine Prostitution Clients €1,500 [VIDEO]

Lower house approves bill that follows ‘Nordic Model’ to penalise clients rather than sex workers.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

Spain: Surgeons Remove 25kg Tumour From Woman’s Ovary

25kg tumour is one of just handful of cases ever recorded in scientific literature.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

DNA Sequenced on Oldest Human Ancestor Fossil

400,000-year-old fossil of Homo heidelbergensis shows species shared ancestor with Denisovans.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

Sex Slaves in Cages: The Twilight World of Mumbai's 20,000 Prostitutes

Hazel Thompson spoke to delegates at the Trust Women conference about prostitution in India.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

28 Up South Africa: Children Born in Apartheid Era Say Life Getting Worse

Documentary examines how South Africa has changed since Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

From Society Dec 05, 2013

Central African Republic: Christian Vigilantes Disembowel Pregnant Muslim and Kill 10 Children

Christians attack Peuhl Muslims 100km north of capital Bangui as security situation worsens.

From Science Dec 04, 2013

Fatherless Children ‘Have Abnormal Social Interactions and are More Aggressive’

Study involving mice shows absent fathers affect neurobiology of offspring.