Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 10

Christmas Tree Buying Guide: How to Pick and Care for Your Ideal Tree

How to buy, care for and recycle a real Christmas tree.

From Science Dec 10

Secret of Eternal Youth Bucks Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Researchers find some species become stronger and less likely to die the older they get.

From Science Dec 09

130 Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Discovered by Colombian Palaeontologists [VIDEO]

Palaeontologists find skeleton of eight-metre plesiosaur.

From Science Dec 09

Vast Freshwater Reserves Discovered Beneath Ocean Holds Promise for Reducing Drought Impacts

Scientists discover freshwater reserves 100 times greater than extracted over last century.

From Science Dec 07

1.3 Million-Year-Old Skeleton Shows Humans Were ‘Rugged Tree-Climbers’

Partial skeleton shows human ancestor was muscular gorilla-like creature.

From Science Dec 07

Mystery Planet ‘That Shouldn’t Exist’ Baffles Astronomers

Astronomers discover planet ‘that shouldn’t be there’.

From Society Dec 07

Nelson Mandela's Body to Lie in State Before 15 December Funeral

Jacob Zuma announces plans for funeral and national day of prayer and reflection.

From Society Dec 06

Nelson Mandela: Images of an Icon

South Africa's anti-apartheid figurehead dies at the age of 95 in hospital in Pretoria.

From Science Dec 06

Japan 2011 Tsunami Could Happen Again

Faults in northwest Pacific share same geological features as deadly undersea plates that caused Tohoku devastation.

From Science Dec 06

Mosquitos Hunt Humans by Smelling Breath and Skin Odours

Mosquitos are drawn to our breath and the smell of our skin, researchers find.