Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Nov 19, 2013

Sexy Male Mice of Promiscuous Mothers Live Fast and Die Young

Researchers find promiscuous female mice have sexier sons.

From Society Nov 19, 2013

Monkey Trouble: Indian Government Plans to Put City Primates on the Pill

India planning to use birth control pills to tackle 'rhesus monkey menace' in New Delhi and other cities.

From Science Nov 19, 2013

Comet of the Century: Where to Watch Ison Before Close Encounter with Sun [PHOTOS]

Comet Ison will catapult around the sun at speeds of up to 845,000mph.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Tomb of China’s Worst Tyrant Emperor Yang Verified by Experts

Final resting place of Emperor Yang of Sui discovered in construction site in east China.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Uganda: British Pensioner Bernard Randall's Gay Sex Trial Adjourned

Suspect claims private sex images stolen from computer and sold to newspaper.

From Science Nov 18, 2013

Indonesia: Mount Sinabung and Mount Merapi Eruptions Spark Mass Evacuation

Flights disrupted and thousands prevented from returning home after Mount Sinabung and Mount Merapi erupt.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Volcano Discovered Bubbling Beneath West Antarctica Ice Will ‘Definitely’ Erupt

Scientists find volcano a kilometre beneath the ice in Marie Byrd Land.

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Silence of the Lambs Cannibal Kills, Cooks and Eats Pensioner

France: Homeless suspect 'cooked and ate 90-year-old victim's heart and tongue with beans'.

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Record Number of Slow Lorises Seized in Indonesia [PHOTOS]

Hundreds of endangered slow lorises rescued from smugglers in Java.

From Science Nov 16, 2013

Wolves Trained to be Pet Dogs 18,000 Years Ago

Hunter-gatherers in Europe were the first people to have pet dogs.