Articles By Hannah Osborne

From Society Dec 17, 2013

Fracking Chemicals Linked to Birth Defects and Infertility

Chemicals found near fracking sites said to disrupt hormone production in humans.

From Society Dec 16, 2013

Indonesia: Grave Robber Steals Human Remains to Become ‘Ultimate Magical Knight’ With Power of Flight and Invisibility

Resi Rokhis Suhana stole human remains for black magic spell he believed would allow him to fly and become invisible.

From Science Dec 16, 2013

Video Shows How Deadly Virus Would Spread Globally

Experts develop theory of global spread of disease.

From Society Dec 14, 2013

Utah Prisoners Struck down with Botulism from Potato-Based Wine

Eight patients admitted to hospital with botulism poisoning after drinking prison-brewed wine.

From Science Dec 14, 2013

'Compelling Evidence' Universe is a Hologram

Scientists say they have the best evidence yet that the universe is a projection.

From Science Dec 14, 2013

Australia: Scientists Predict What Will Happen if Mount Gambier's 400 Eruption Centres Blow

Researchers determine what will happen if and when Mount Gambier erupts.

From Society Dec 13, 2013

China School Teaches Children Kung Fu - to Fight Against Air Pollution

Primary school in Hebei province designs kung fu aerobics that stop the effects of air pollution.

From Society Dec 13, 2013

Krokodil Panic Denied after Mexican Girl Injects Flesh-Eating Drug into Genitals

Officials say krokodil has not been detected in Mexico following reports of two cases.

From Science Dec 13, 2013

Hubble Spots Water Vapour Rising from Jupiter’s Europa Moon

Water vapour reinforces Europa’s position as top candidate for extraterrestrial life, experts say.

From Science Dec 13, 2013

Collapse of Universe ‘More Likely Than Ever And May Have Already Started’

Researchers say collapse of universe is more likely than previous calculations predicted.