Articles By Gilda Galang

From Tech & Trend Jul 09, 2013

PS4’s PlanetSide 2 to Have Own Servers, DualShock4 Light Bar Permanently On & Battlefield 4 to Have Mouse & Keyboard Support for PS4

PS4 gamers should be ready for their own PlanetSide2 server, possible mouse and keyboard support for Battlefield 4, and the DualShock 4’s always-on lightbar.

From Tech & Trend Jul 09, 2013

PS4 & Xbox One on the Road to CGI, Xbox One is a PC Inside & May Undergo Changes for Japan Release

Next gen may be on its way towards CGI, with the Xbox One’s architecture looking almost as good as your mid-range PC.

From Tech & Trend Jul 09, 2013

Game Sales: Indie Games Up to 75% Off at GameFly, More iOS Games For Free & XBLA Summer Sale

Get free or discounted games for the PC, Xbox 360, and iOS devices this week until the end of August.

From Tech Jul 09, 2013

Halo 4 DLC New Gameplay Footage Revealed, Wii U Hinted for Multiple Game Releases & Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets DLC

Watch Halo 4’s newest gameplay footage, as Wii U hints at game releases this year and Aliens: Colonial Marines get a last DLC.

From Tech & Trend Jul 09, 2013

New Details & Release Date Rumours About Nexus 7 2 Come Out

Google may be looking to reveal two flagship devices before Q3 fully rolls in.

From Tech & Trend Jul 08, 2013

PS4 Bags 75% of Gamer Votes in Worldwide Poll, PS TV Trademarked & Unlimited Preorders Now Halted

The PS4 outsells and outvotes the Xbox One in worldwide poll and preorders at GameStop.

From Tech & Trend Jul 08, 2013

Minecraft News: Minecraft 1.6.2 Release Date, Latest Word from Developer on TU 12 & Minecraft Xbox 360 Mod Support Possible?

Updates on TU 12 and mod support, plus the log for fixes coming with Minecraft 1.6.2.

From Tech & Trend Jul 08, 2013

Xbox One to Replace MSN TV for Entertainment, Watch Out for Xbox Beta Program & All the Names Before 'Xbox'

MSN TV will be no more starting September, and Xbox Beta Program already introduced for next year.

From Tech & Trend Jul 08, 2013

Halo 4, BioShock Infinite & Final Fantasy 13 DLC Get Release Dates

DLC news for Halo 4, BioShock Infinite, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13.

From Tech & Trend Jul 08, 2013

Games Watch: Steam + Twitch Combo Features Dota 2, PSN Holds Apocalyptic Sale & Mercenary Kings Go to Steam This July

Watch Dota 2 with a chance to win special items via Steam & Twitch linked accounts, get a hold of any of 22 discounted games for PSN Apocalyptic Sale, and grab Mercenary Kings at an affordable price.