Articles By Gianluca Mezzofiore

From Politics & Policy Nov 13

'Clever as a Monkey': French Far-Right Magazine Launches New Racist Attack on Justice Minister Christiane Taubira

French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault demands investigation into new racist rant against black minister.

From Politics & Policy Nov 13

Israel: Soldier Stabbed to Death by Palestinian in Afula

Palestinian suspect from Jenin arrested on bus after fatal stabbing

From Politics & Policy Nov 13

Femen UK: Topless Feminist Leader Inna Shevchenko to Give 'Advice' to the Queen

Feminist activists launch 'armed wing' against prostitution, Muslim extremism, and FGM.

From Politics & Policy Nov 13

Germany: 80-year-old Sonja Suder Cleared of Opec Terrorism But Jailed for Arson

Former member of Revolutionary Cells acquitted of murder in deadly attack that killed three in Vienna.

From Politics & Policy Nov 12

Italian Politician Buries Berlusconi's Jewish Gaffe in Jerusalem's Garden of Righteous

Mario Mantovani justifies Berlusconi claim that judicial 'persecution' similar to Jewish experience under Nazis.

From Politics & Policy Nov 12

Jordan 'Adamantly Opposed' to Jewish Prayer in Jerusalem al-Aqsa

Islamic Movement warns against Israeli plans to allow Jewish worship in Islam's third holiest site

From Politics & Policy Nov 12

Negev: Israel to Replace Bedouin Village With Jewish Settlement

Cabinet gives green light to destruction of Bedouin village of Hiran on anniversary of Ben-Gurion death

From Politics & Policy Nov 11

Iran Agrees Nuclear Cooperation Roadmap - but Not Ready for Western Deal [VIDEO]

US, France and Western powers ready to table deal with Tehran.

From Politics & Policy Nov 09

Mogadishu Suicide Blast outside Maka Hotel Kills Six

Al-Shabaab militants believed to be behind bombing that claimed lives of at least six people and injured 15.

From Politics & Policy Nov 09

Dupont and Verlon Murders: Aqim Kidnapping Cover-up?

Mystery surrounds deaths of French radio journalists in Mali's desert town of Kidal.