Articles By Gianluca Mezzofiore

From Politics & Policy Nov 19

Paris Shooting: Grenade Gunman 'Hiding in Metro' near Champs-Elysées [VIDEO]

Skinhead shooter still at large and believed to be armed with grenades after seriously wounding Liberation newspaper photographer.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18

Mexico: Family of Eight Jehovah's Witnesses Stabbed to Death in Ciudad Juarez

Three children aged between four and six among the dead in Mexican city.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18

Paris Shooting: Skinhead Gunman on Rampage Takes Hostage at Champs-Elysées [VIDEO]

Gunman who wounded photographer at Liberation office still at large in Paris.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18

Paris: Gunman Opens Fire in Liberation Newspaper Office [VIDEO]

Photographer's assistant at leftwing media outlet seriously injured.

From Politics & Policy Nov 16

Libya: Seven Peace Protesters Killed by Militiaman in Tripoli

Peaceful rally to demand disbanding of militias turns violent in Libya's capital.

From Politics & Policy Nov 16

Ethiopia: Police Swoop on Saudi Repatriation Protesters

Saudi Arabia launched controversial clampdown on Ethiopian illegal workers.

From Politics & Policy Nov 16

JFK Conspiracy Theorists Threaten Dealey Plaza Lockdown in 50th Anniversary Protest

Dealey Plaza access blocked to all but ticket-holders but Occupy the Grassy Knoll threatens civil disobedience.

From Politics & Policy Nov 14

Australia's Jedi Council: Six Army Members Sacked for Forming Sex Ring

Members of group that circulated degrading emails and videos about sex performances fired from army.

From Politics & Policy Nov 14

Israeli Settlers Burn down Palestinian House to Avenge Death of Soldier

Five Palestinian children suffered from smoke inhalation in price tag attack.

From Politics & Policy Nov 14

Italian-Jewish Gomorrah Actor Massimo Emilio Gobbi to Present 'Hitler Prize'

Award to victims of animal rights activist violence is 'reminder of the Holocaust'.