Articles By Gianluca Mezzofiore

From Politics & Policy Nov 29, 2013

Tunisia: 50 Police Injured in Clashes with Youths

Strike degenerates into violence in poor cities of Siliana and Gafsa.

From Politics & Policy Nov 29, 2013

Walmart Black Friday Protest: Store Workers Promise Nationwide Pickets [VIDEO]

Worker group threatens 1,500 protests across US in row over pay and conditions.

From Politics & Policy Nov 28, 2013

Somalia Denies Diplomatic Row Reports with EU over Aid

Foreign ministry official says deputy prime minister's comments 'taken out of context'.

From Politics & Policy Nov 27, 2013

Somalia and EU Fight over 'Lack of Aid' Claims

EXCLUSIVE: Somalia deputy PM Fawzia Yusuf Adam 'we get nothing' claim angers EU commissioner.

From Tech Nov 27, 2013

White Spaces Technology: How Tech Giants Bring Broadband to Africa

Pilot project to use idle TV waves to bring broadband to developing countries faces criticism

From Politics & Policy Nov 26, 2013

80% of Britons 'Support Foreign Aid' Despite Economic Crisis

Civitas fellow Jonathan Foreman slams 'vague wording' of Eurobarometer survey.

From Society Nov 23, 2013

Remembering Aldous Huxley: How Brave New World Predicted Data Doubles

50th anniversary of the death of British author overshadowed by assassination of John F Kennedy.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22, 2013

JFK 50 Years on: Mystery of the 'Umbrella Man' [VIDEO]

Man with open black umbrella in sunny Dallas on 23 November 1963 triggered wild conspiracies.

From Tech Nov 22, 2013

Deep Web's Silk Road Suspect Ross Ulbricht Denied Bail

Alleged Silk Road mastermind accused of commissioning six murders online.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22, 2013

Who is Marina Porter Oswald? Lee Harvey Oswald's Widow Still Living with Ghosts of JFK Assassination

Mother-of-three lives in seclusion in Texas - and maintains belief that Oswald was not guilty.