Articles By Gianluca Mezzofiore

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

Nelson Mandela Memorial Service: Barack Obama Shakes Hands with Cuba's Raul Castro [VIDEO]

Historic moment of rapprochment between two erstwhile enemies at memorial to celebrate life of Mandela.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

Nelson Mandela Memorial Service: Mourners Boo South Africa President Jacob Zuma

South Africa president heckled as 'substitute' at Johannesburg's First National Bank Stadium.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

UN to Send First Airlift of Aid into Syria to Help 60,000

Kurdistan region of Hassakeh will receive food and aid via airbridge from Iraq.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

Ukraine Riot Police Storm Opposition HQ in Kiev

Police begin to dismantle protest sites in Ukraine capital

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

EXCLUSIVE: Human Rights Lawyer Pete Weatherby Deported from Bahrain

Bar Human Rights committee member blocked from acting as international observer at Bahrain trial of Khalil Almarzooq.

From Sports Dec 10

EXCLUSIVE: Eritrea's Football Coach Omer Ahmed and Eight Players Defect to Kenya During Cecafa Cup

Players who went into hiding in Kenya for fear of backlash are seeking UNHR protection.

From Politics & Policy Dec 09

North Korea: Kim Jong-un Purged Uncle's Name 'Removed from KCNA Reports'

Ousted North Korean official becomes '1984 non-person' after removal from top post.

From Politics & Policy Dec 07

Kim Jong-un Uncle's Fund Manager Defects to South Korea

Major defection follows removal of uncle of North Korea's Supreme Leader.

From Politics & Policy Dec 07

Syrian Rebels Demand 1,000-Hostage Swap to Free Kidnapped Nuns

Free Qalamoun took hostages from Maaloula convent as bargaining chip for release of Assad prisoners.

From Entertainment Dec 06

Nelson Mandela Death: Top 5 Songs in Praise of Anti-Apartheid Icon [VIDEOS]

Father of modern South Africa inspired pop musicians all over the world during lifetime struggle against apartheid