Articles By Gianluca Mezzofiore

From Politics & Policy Dec 17

Who is South Sudan's Warlord Riek Machar?

Widower of British aid worker Emma McCune was former guerrilla leader.

From Politics & Policy Dec 17

Mount Etna's Latest Eruption Captured in Spectacular Photos [EXCLUSIVE IMAGES]

Sicily's Catania airport forced to close because of huge plumes of ash in the sky.

From Politics & Policy Dec 17

Russia's LGBT: 100-strong Homophobic Mob Lays Siege to Moscow's Biggest Gay Club

General director writes to President Putin to demand investigation into terror siege.

From Politics & Policy Dec 16

Bahrain Tortures Jailed Children Says Amnesty

Children as young as 13 beaten and threatened with rape for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations.

From Politics & Policy Dec 16

South Sudan Attempted Coup: Heavy fighting in Juba [VIDEO]

Gunfire and explosions heard in military barracks in capital of South Sudan

From Sports Dec 14

Femen Topless Treatment for Ireland's Former Manager Giovanni Trapattoni over Qatar [VIDEO]

Protest against Fifa over Qatar's treatment of workers at World Cup 2022.

From Politics & Policy Dec 14

Golden Dawn Leaked Athens Map Reveals Terror Plot against Syriza and Migrant Cafes

Neo-Nazi supporters target anti-fascist football club and immigrants' gathering sites.

From Politics & Policy Dec 14

Robert Levinson: Vatican 'Chastised' by Tehran over Missing Ex-FBI Agent

WikiLeaks cable from 2008 reveals Holy See's botched diplomatic effort to locate and free ex-FBI agent.

From Politics & Policy Dec 14

Sexy Priest: Vatican's Hottest Clerics Calendar 2014 on Sale in Rome

Genuine clergymen snapped during Holy Week feature in new edition of odd, sexy calendar

From Politics & Policy Dec 13

Pitchfork Movement: Italy is 'Slave of Wealthy Jewish Bankers Like the Rothschilds'

Jewish community upset at 'delirious' statement of Pitchfork spokesman.