Articles By Geetha Pillai

From Global Markets Mar 06, 2013

Asian Markets Trade Higher After Dow Hits Record High

Asian markets cheer US data as Japan and Australia indices reach fresh multi-year highs.

From Economy Feb 16, 2013

G20 Go Easy on Japan as Leaders Rule Out 'Currency War'

The G20 summit stops short of criticising Japanese monetary policy, reveals a leaked draft communique.

From Society Feb 16, 2013

Japanese Tsunami Victims of Ishinomaki Receive $250,000 Mystery Gift of Gold [VIDEO]

Japan's tsunami-devastated port city receives gold gifts which the media are calling a 'goodwill gold rush'.

From Economy Feb 15, 2013

European Markets Subdued Ahead of G20 Meeting in Moscow

European markets remain cautious as issue of currency manipulation is expected to dominate G20 meeting in Moscow.

From Economy Feb 15, 2013

Asian Stocks Retreat on Earnings and Yen Concerns

Asian markets shrug off the week's gains on disappointing corporate earnings and eurozone data.

From Economy Feb 14, 2013

European Markets Decline on Disappointing Eurozone GDP Data

German and French economies contract 0.6% and 0.3% respectively in the fourth quarter of 2012.

From Economy Feb 14, 2013

Asian Markets Rise as Bank of Japan Keeps Interest Rate Unchanged

Nikkei extends gains as Bank of Japan keeps asset purchasing and interest rates unchanged.

From Economy Feb 13, 2013

European Markets Edge Up Despite Mixed Corporate Earnings

European markets remain cautious as investors look for eurozone industrial output and US retail figures.

From Economy Feb 13, 2013

UK Economy to Avoid Triple-Dip Recession but Faces Slow Growth- CBI

CBI expects weak economic conditions abroad to restrict the UK's business investments and exports.

From Economy Feb 13, 2013

Asian Markets Outside Japan Trade Higher, Nikkei Falls on Profit-Taking

Japanese investors turn to profit-taking as yen strengthens against its major peers.