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From Science Dec 31

New Year 2014: Where to Watch NASA’s New Year’s Greetings from Space

What a better way to greet the New Year from space? NASA astronauts will be welcoming 2014 from space and revelers at the New York’s Time Square will have the rare chance to watch the greetings from space.

From Entertainment Dec 31

Angelina Jolie’s Fiancé, Brad Pitt Signs Up for Cameo Role in Channing Tatum’s “22 Jump Street”

Angelina Jolie’s fiancé, Brad Pitt has signed up for a cameo role in comedy-action film, “22 Jump Street.” The 50-year old Hollywood’s legendary hunk is set to join Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the duo reunites for the film’s sequel.

From Science Dec 31

The Impact of Sun's Magnetic Poles Reversal as it Flips Upside Down Completely in 2013

The sun’s north and south poles have changed places said NASA, completing its field reversal at the end of 2013.

From Entertainment Dec 31

Rare Find - A Genuine van Dyck Portrait Valued Thousand Times More by “Antiques Roadshow”

It was first dismissed as a copy but after the BBC show, “Antiques Roadshow” it has been identified as genuine. This is referring to the painting that has since then been declared as an authentic work by great artist, van Dyck.

From Entertainment Dec 31

Houdini Musical to Move Forward Even After Hugh Jackman Escapes Lead Role

Australian highest-paid actor Hugh Jackman has pulled out from Houdini musical and reports claim that conflict in schedule is seen as the top reason why he escaped the lead role.

From Entertainment Dec 31

'47 Ronin' 2013: Keanu Reeves Epic Film Fails at the Christmas Box Office [WATCH]

Keanu Reeves’s epic film, “47 Ronin” has failed at the Christmas box office after raking in $10.7 million on its first two days at the US box office Thursday.

From Entertainment Dec 31

Christmas 2013: AC/DC’s 'Highway to Hell' Top 4 on UK Chart after Fans Spearheaded Facebook Campaign

AC/DC’s hit single, “Highway to Hell” has made it to top 4 on the music chart as fans spearheaded a campaign on Facebook aimed at putting the band on UK Christmas chart.

From Entertainment Dec 31

LISTEN: Who is the Woman Behind the Disturbing Call Made from Justin Bieber’s Home?

A woman in her 20 remains unidentified after being the subject of the disturbing calls from Justin Bieber’s home earlier this month. TMZ has released the audio of the exchange between 911 and a member of Bieber’s team earlier this month.

From Entertainment Dec 30

Kate Upton: Top 5 Reasons 'The Other Woman' Star Splits From DTWS Pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Kate Upton has been sending mixed messages to men and women worldwide. In a minute, she’s smitten with "Dancing with the Stars Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, then a minute later she’s single. But after a short-lived romance with the DWTS judge, it looked like the Sports Illustrated model is single again.

From Law Dec 27

Christmas 2013: Charlie Sheen Sends Hateful Messages to Ex-Wives, Child Protection Services on Christmas Eve

Charlie Sheen does not like spending Christmas without his children one bit. The “Anger Management” star has lashed out in public against his ex-wives and child protection services office for allegedly not giving him access to his children on Christmas eve.