Articles By Fiona Keating

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Rogue Libyan Militiamen Open Fire and Kill Dozens of Protesters

More than 31 people were killed and at least 400 wounded in street protests after militiamen fired on demonstrators.

From Society Nov 11, 2013

Giant Ice Age Mammals Reveal their Genetic Code to Shed New Light on Origins

Scientists are studying ancient DNA to reconstruct the genomes of a giant cave bear and an Ice Age horse that lived over 780,000 years ago.

From Society Nov 11, 2013

Justin Bieber Refuses to Pay the Price of Eight Hookers in Rio de Janeiro

Pint-sized superstar Justin Bieber haggled over the price of eight prostitutes, refusing to pay the asking price of £11,200.

From Society Nov 10, 2013

Remembrance Sunday: Queen Leads Tributes to Armed Forces at the Cenotaph

The Queen is taking part in a service at Whitehall's Cenotaph where she will lay a wreath in memory of those killed in battle.

From Society Nov 10, 2013

Bolivia Celebrates Day of Skulls with Graveyard Festivities

Hundreds of Bolivians carrying human skulls flocked to the chapel of La Paz cemetery for blessings.

From Science Nov 10, 2013

UFO-like Object Spotted in Space Beyond Mars by Hubble Telescope

An unexplained sphere described by Nasa as 'weird and freakish' with shooting jets of matter was spotted in the solar system.

From Society Nov 09, 2013

Tom Cruise Sues Over Alleged Abandonment of Daughter Suri

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is suing a German magazine for libel over 'disgusting' claims that he was distant father.

From Society Nov 04, 2013

£1bn Treasure Trove Stolen by Nazis Found Amid Rotting Food in Munich Apartment

An art collection of over 1,500 paintings worth £1bn that was seized by the Nazis has been found.

From Society Nov 04, 2013

Battersea Power Station's £750m Renovation Will Feature Giant Roof Garden

London's iconic Battersea power station will be rebuilt with an observation platform, giving visitors panoramic views across the capital.

From Society Nov 03, 2013

Mummy of Tutankhamun 'Spontaneously Combusted' after Botched Embalming

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's mummified body burst into flames after an attempt to embalm the king went horribly wrong.