Articles By Fiona Keating

From Society Dec 08, 2013

Profile of Graça Machel, Nelson Mandela's Third Wife

Many were close to Nelson Mandela, and one of the people who knew him best is his widow, Graça Machel, a former guerrilla fighter and humanitarian worker.

From Society Dec 08, 2013

'Chinese Disneyland' in New York to Attract $6 Billion Investment

Chinese entrepreneur Sherry Li and a consortium of investors have dreamt up a scheme to build a China City in New York State.

From Society Dec 07, 2013

Stephen King Joins Twitter but Suffers from Writer's Block [VIDEO]

Best-selling novelist Stephen King has at last taken to Twitter but finds himself lost for words.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Author Doris Lessing Dies Aged 94

The Nobel-prize winning novelist Doris Lessing has died. Her publisher HarperCollins said she died peacefully on Sunday.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18, 2013

Libya: Tripoli Goes on Strike in Protest at Militia Violence

Streets of Tripoli deserted on Sunday after residents called for general strike in protest at recent gun battles that left 43 people dead and more than 450 wounded.

From Society Nov 17, 2013

Crystal Methodist: Ex-Co-op Bank Chief Paul Flowers Admits Taking Cocaine and Crystal Meth

Former chairman of Co-op Bank Paul Flowers is 'seeking help' after video shows him handing over money to buy hard drugs.

From Society Nov 17, 2013

Body in Surrey Well: Gardeners Identify Decomposed Corpse by 'Skin with Hair on It'

Seven men quizzed on suspicion of murder after body found in garden well in suburban Surrey.

From Society Nov 17, 2013

Scientology 'Super Power' HQ Opens in Florida at a Cost of $80m

Adherents of the religious sect Scientology call it their Super Power Building, a sprawling $80m building on Florida's Gulf Coast.

From Society Nov 16, 2013

Breaking News: Seven Arrested After Body Found in Surrey Well

Police have arrested seven people following the discovery of a body in a well by gardeners at the grounds of a private house in Audley Drive, Surrey.

From Society Nov 16, 2013

UK Police Launch Murder Inquiry after Body Found in Surrey Well

Police are investigating the death of a man found at the bottom of a well in the front garden of a private house on Audley Drive, Warlingham, Surrey.