Articles By Fiona Keating

From Society Dec 16, 2013

The Arapaima: Catching Brazil's Living Fossils [PHOTOS]

Giant freshwater fish native to the Amazon can breathe air and has armour so strong it can withstand piranha attacks.

From Society Dec 16, 2013

Kristen Stewart 'Inspired' James Franco's Book on Sex in Hollywood [VIDEO]

Twilight star Kristen Stewart was the inspiration for actor James Franco's book on the sexual merry-go-round of Tinseltown.

From Society Dec 15, 2013

Noah's Ark 'Was a Massive Double-Decker Coracle'

New book suggests that Noah's Ark was round, made from reeds and the length of six double-decker buses.

From Politics & Policy Dec 15, 2013

North Korea: Kim Jong-un's Auntie Survives Husband's Execution

Kim Kyong-hui named member of regime's inner circle.

From Science Dec 15, 2013

Geminid Meteor Shower Lights up Sky with Shooting Stars

The annual Geminid meteor shower was described as 'perfect' and 'phenomenal' this year.

From Society Dec 15, 2013

Justin Bieber Wanted in Connection with Alleged Assault and Theft [VIDEO]

Pop heart-throb Justin Bieber issued with an international arrest warrant for a number of offences that could see him in court.

From Society Dec 14, 2013

Protesters Bid to Save Portsmouth Shipyards from BAE Job Cuts

Hundreds expected to gather for march and rally in Portsmouth to protest against job cuts by defence company BAE Systems.

From Society Dec 09, 2013

Ukrainian Protesters Topple Lenin Statue in Kiev [VIDEO]

Masked protesters pull down statue of Russian revolutionary leader in Ukrainian capital.

From Society Dec 09, 2013

World's Worst Earthquakes 'Caused by Man' [VIDEO]

New study suggests that some of the world's largest, most deadly earthquakes are caused by man.

From Society Dec 08, 2013

Tom Daley's Lover Dustin Lance Black Speaks Out over Sex Tape Leaked on Internet

Dustin Lance Black, the boyfriend of diver Tom Daley, hits back at the leaked sex video of himself and an ex-lover.