Articles By Ewan Palmer

From Society Dec 13, 2013

Cocaine-Laced Pear-D Drink Death Sparks Warning

Navy veteran Joromie Lewis died after ingesting cocaine in pear drink he bought from Caribbean.

From Society Dec 13, 2013

‘Nelson Mandela Corpse Photo’ Revealed as Internet Hoax

Picture circulating online believed to be Mandela in open casket actually taken in 1991.

From Society Dec 13, 2013

Virgin Atlantic Passenger Left Helpless on Plane for Nine Hours after Stroke

Mike Dixon could not call for help after suffering massive stroke on flight

From Society Dec 12, 2013

Mother Frances Inglis Defends Killing Brain Damaged Son with Heroin Overdose

Mother says ending son’s life suffering severe head injuries was an ‘act of mercy’

From Society Dec 12, 2013

Celebrity Sex Offenders To Receive Harsher Sentences Under New Guidelines

Shake-up of guidelines will see tougher sentences for those who use their public image to commit abuse.

From Society Dec 12, 2013

£1m Bank Cyber Theft: Four Arrested in London

Police seize £80,000 and live hand grenade during investigation into bank customer malware.

From Society Dec 12, 2013

Fog Latest: London City Airport 'Disappears' as Hundreds of Flights Cancelled [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

Weather causes travel chaos and flights and ferries cancelled during thick fog

From Society Dec 11, 2013

Bubonic Plague Kills 20 in Madagascar in Return of Black Death

Tests confirm 20 people died after contracting the Black Death in African island state.

From Sports Dec 11, 2013

Football Clubs Facing 'Pandora's Box' of Sexual Assault Claims

Former Stoke manager Mick Mills accused of ‘turning blind eye’ to punishment rituals.

From Society Dec 11, 2013

Damian Hirst Artworks Stolen from Notting Hill Gallery

Multicoloured dot pieces Pyronin Y and Oleoylsarcosine snatched from Exhibitionist Gallery.